Unspoken journey of love – chapter 6 Contd.

Chapter 6.
On mid way dere car broke down n dey were left with no option rather dan by reaching a hotel which is 3km from dere place by walk .n as d road were jammed so dey cant call for another car too.

On road
Sanskar was walking with quiet fast pace n kavita was continuously chanting beauty mantrans which were irritating him but to show swara he was just simling at her talks.
.then laksh along with ragini was walking hand in hand .n just talking about s incident that took place somewhile ago.
N swara was at last at detoriating position holding her andomen n trying to call some one
(Dat girl was dropped by dem at her home.)

Swara was barely walking.. n dis was noticed by all.
N finally kavita spoke..hey miss nobody walk fast we have to reach today only.

Ragini…shona r u alright.
Swara..yay i m ots just i want to walk slowly enjoying d views.
Actuallu dere was not even any feel of pain on her face .so anybody cant guess.
N moreover swara was expert in hiding her injury.
All started walking again.with dere own thoughts.

But dere thought process was broken by again a rshona vouce who was talking on phone but wat made dem restless was her convo.

Shona …hey finally u got time.
Man …..no actually i was on site n u know .dat
Shona …listen eric. I need car right now. Do u get it .right now…u know where i am .in just 5 minutes.
Eric …cool.
Call ended

Kavita ..face was wide open as how can she order someone like dat n moreover when she is nobody ..
Kavita ..to sanskar ..n raglak who were still traumatised said….look at d fool miss nobody dony she know dat roads are jammed n no car will come here such a idiot and…….but before she could complete her sentence a alavish mazda MX _5 miata which is rare addition car stood behind dem dey all were perplexed at who is d one in d car .
Just den a man in late 30’s came out n handed d key to swara n said something to her which was in another language which was not understable by dem.

Man….£℃©℃¥℃™℉§ (dere u go mam)
Swara….€℉¥ββ€μ¥¥℃℉¥μ ( thanks jon n good work).
Saying dis she grabbed keys n sat in d car n fled away like a storm .n dat man walked away.
Everyone was staring at her retreating car dumbfoldedly.
Finally after few seconds..
Kavita…wht was dat how come she n car..dat 2 miata..n qat was dat language …wohhhwo
I told u 3 yrs back only she is charaacterless.blo*dy goldigger…who can do any thing for money look de car which is in billions is with her …from where do u think she got thos much money ..obiously she would have trapped one rich man …waise bhi she is expert to lure man.
Sanskar eyes got red shot listening to trash from kavita mouth..he clenches his fist n was going to hit her but some flashes hit his mind which made him to withdraw .but ragini didnt waited for a second n slapped her..
Lucky..here u go my girl..
While kavita was horrified eitb range 0f anger in rags eyes ..after some time dey moved forward.

Meanwhile in car.
Swara was driving at d highest speed possible recklessly.suddenly her car stooped with a screech sound in front of house.
She immediately went to dat house .n rang d bell within no time a young handsome man open d door n stood horrified by seeing her.swara pushed dman inside n marched inside d house.

Precap….trip to hotel …dat unknown man …j entry.

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