Unspoken journey of love – chapter 5



6:00 am in india.
In dark room where no sunlight can penetrate. We can see a girl punching boxing bag furiously.
Not bothering about d blood oozing from her knuckles .but she is punching like a maniac.

In other room we can see 2 people cuddling with each other like there is no end tomorrow.
Then only sunlight makes its way in d room n disturbes d beauty sleep. Of rags. When she woke up smile spread on her face seeing her love beside her. Buf suddenly smthmg struck in her mind.
Rags..oh shoot.lucky wake up we need to reach ur house at 9 .
Wake up u dumb head

While there was no effect on lucky.
Seeing this rags got irked n she got a idea.
She moved forward towards lucky .n pecked his forhead…cheeks…nose..n was coming towards lips…n we can observe a happy smile on face of lucky..when she was abt to kiss.suddlenly lucky was drenched in water.
Rags poured full water jug on him .
N pushed him.
While going to washroom she gave naughty smirk to lucky before she could leave lucky caught her.
Lucky ..u lady gabbar where r u trying to escape hain.babe.
Rags..ahh.lucky u r heavy move aside.n let me go more hard task is waiting for me i have to wake shona.
By saying this she got up n walked by him

After 2 min.

Iucky…wht happened.

Rags ..pinch me..
Lucky pecked her lips instead of just pinching her.
Rags formed o form face.
Ragss…shona is not in room a girl who never got up before 10 from bed is not here.n where she is.
Just den a voice came from back.
Swara …drenched with sweat ..whom u r finding rago.
Lucky n rags where dumbfolded seeing her woke up early in d morning
N moreover she has done workout.
Saying this swara walked inside d room .
Swara…get out of ur dreamworld n get ready we have to leave at 9.
Saying dis she went to washroom.
Where as ragini was astonished on her drastic change in behaviour …as a girl who talk endlessly like non stop radio.now only end talk within few words.girl whose smile can make anyone happing has forget to smile..n she has became cold as ice which is niot gonna melt.

After few minutes.
In a car .bmw.
We can see laksh driving car ..n ragini sitting behind her.while swara at back.
Dere was silence in d car which was disturbed by call to swara.
Caller id. J.
Ragini n laksh attentin was driven towards d phn as d caller tune was so soothing n unsuasl.its just marvellous humming voice of a duo..dere streak of tone was broken by convo between swara n d other person not known 2 dem.

On call.
Swara …yes now what u did .
J…firstly tell me diid u took ur medicines.
Swara..yes i took them
J …obedient child.
Swara..whatttt.do.i look like child to u n moreover obedient.get up from ur dreamss.n hah a very bador ing to u now tell what ans u want .
Rags n lucky where stupified with d discovery d d other person is a guy moreover swara is same old shona with her n was talki.g with him as they know each other from ages.
After few minutes call ended.
When swara glancd towards poker.surprised faces of them .. it doesnot effected her .n she didnt paid a heed either.
N she kept looking towards d sky blanklessly.

Roy villa.
A lamborgini halted with a screech sound n sanskar in balck armani suit looking greek god.
Moved out of car n forward towards d villa like an injured lion who can harm anyone at any instance.befor he can enter villa .he heard sound of another car…he knew whose car was this .he looked back n step backward waitiong for d person to arrive just then when laksh n ragini who were sitting in a car saw him ran towards him like maniac n hugged him.
Though sanskae was happy to meet his true family laksh n ragini after almost 1 yr but his face was .still void of emotions .
But in corner of his heart he was feeling restless.as he very well know hw was going to face her. d girl who he loved hut she in return betrayed him bruatly.
Just then his eyes fall on a lean figure who was facing back towards him was speaking on phn or i must say ordering or warning some one on phn dangerously…
Her call ended n she faced him ..n dere she was swara totally changed wearing no nerdy specks..n wearing torn jeans with a tank top along with sneakers .his brath caught for moments when he saw her again after yrs but suddenly when flashes came to his mind he asonce again stoneheart.meanwhile when swara moved ahead coming towards them sanskar breath stop as she was aproachimg him.but what d hell…she pased by him dat he dont ever exist..blo*dy heck how dare she ..ignore .me.but why iam i bothered..
But deep inside hisjeart he knows that she was looking breatjtaking but d charm of her face was missing .

In london
Same man .yes brandon.
Brandon..sir man is in india.
Man r u sure .
Brandon ..cent % sir.
Man…ok then.

Man …india i m coming…
He said while with a smirk on his face.

In uk..
Mr singhania …listen jeh this deal is very crucial n i want u to go to india n no excuses moreover she needs u .n i cabt see her suffering.
Jeh ..cool dad i was either going to india only but not for this dumb project…
So india be ready to welcome me.

….decision … swara n sanskar n raglak to go for a trip.

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