Unspoken journey of love – chapter 4


Chapter 4…

Swara…. its nothing like dat its just i m missing u.
J…i know its hard for u to face him..but believe me u have to get over ur past one day or other.
Why u even think dat fault was urs when we both know d truth…n i m still telling u to say him truth.
Swara…dere is no need now j when he didnt have faith in me..then there is really no need.
U know wat sometimes i think i should never in my life came to india 3 yrs before.it was all my fault.
J…hey hold on look at brighter side u got rags.
N how she is now.
Swara..u know very well how she would be …my rags is really a sensetive girl j…
J…hmm ..dont worry i know u will handle her.
N r u taking ur medicines properly..?
Swara..while crossing her finger…yeah.
J…stop lying now go get them n sleep…n stop drinking… bye.
Have horror dreams…
Swara …..bye.
Yeah i will have ur horror dreams

Call ended .

Meanwhile in rags room.
We can see laksh pacing to n fro in room.
While rag is cutely eating choclates …
Its their funda to reduce tension.

Rags…laky what will happen tmrow
Choclate is spread all along her lips n face.
Laksh ..who was pacing stoped n glanced at her n smirked loking at her face.
Ragini was dumbfolded looking at his smirk..
While he was coming forward towrds her.
N finally sat in front of her .n said….all will be well..in his husky voice..while his fingers were tracing her lips smugded with choco.he was leaning toward her lips ..then only his phn rang…
Arghhh this phn…?

Mumbai …
In a bungalow which is not less than a
Palace we can see a man in a dark room with scotch bottle .n screaming maniacly….
Why have u come again why….the damage u have already done is not repairable now what u wanna damage…dammit..

In london
In a lavish gym.
We can see a smoking hot man doing push ups while ordering some one phn ruthlessly..sweat falling from his head n reaching his face is making him look more handsome n hot.

On phn ..
Man …dammit brandon how many times i have told u man dat find her by hook or by crook ..i want her in front of my eyes do u get it.
N its my last warning to u give me result or else u are fired.
Brandon..ok.sir n dis time result will be 100% .

Call ended

Precap same as before.

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