Unspoken journey of love – chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Flashback continues

Sanskar was staring at d gate blankly as a time stopped for him n heart stopped beating.

Laksh was surprissd at his bro reaction n followed d direction which he was seeing n smirked.

On gate a young girl like a princess wearing a floral full sleves frock little below her knees
Hair tied in high pony
She was perfect example of natural beauty .
Perfect combination of beauty n brains.

She was coming in with nervousness n adjusting her spectacles n continuosly murmuring something.

Sanskar was still looking at her without ralising d fact dat she was oogling at her without blinking his eyes.
Nuts too was surprised at sanskar becoz its 1st time sanskar is watching a grl so keenly.

Den only lajsh mind made plan.

Girl was just bypassing them
Den only laksh called her.

Laksh ..hey u listen
Girl got startled by sudden call she looked around.

Laksh … yes u only come here.

Girl full on sweatingly came towaeds dem with turtle walk

Sanskar heart was pounding out of rib cage seeing her approching her towards him

Girl came n stood in front of dem again adjusting her specs



Laksh…so whts ur name.


Laksh …wht

Sanksar was feeling current like vibes through his heart to listen her melodious voice

Laksh ..ok swara..which batch.

Swara…che…mical eng….ineeri..ng 1st yr
Sanskwr was extremely happy becoz he was also in same stream

Laksh..dont u know u should give respect to us

Nuts was just enjoying sanskar amusing expression.

Swara….ok bhaiya.

Laksh spitted d water which he was drinking n was shocked.

Nuts n sanskar burst into fits of laughter.

Laksh…angrily. do i look like bhaiya to you

Swara got scared which was easily visible through her expressible face

Nuts…let her go.

Just den kavita came dere.n looked at swara with whatever look

Kavita ..why to let her go ..u stand here only.

Kavita gave water to sanskar but got damm angry on seeing d scenario where sanskar was still looking at her.
Kavita..harshly …dance here.


Kav…wht sont u know who we are

Nuts..leave her look at her she is shivering.

Kav..didnt u hear me dance.

Swara started crying.

Sanskar came into senses hearing her sobs his heart broke to million peices looking at her.

He gave a stern look to kavita n immediately went yo swara.

Sanskar ….hey look stop crying.

He said while looking at her while she was looking at ground

Sanksar…stop crying look dere is no need to do anything just stop crying n go to class n here drink water he passed her botlle .
Hearing his voice she lifted her head
Both were transported in other world only looking each other closely.
Dere trance was broke by kav ..

Kav..wht d hell how can we let her go.

Sanskar…shut d hell up kavita.

Sanskar..hey look no need to be scared drink water
Swara drank water n looked at sanskar.

Kav..hey u …u know na give us respect.

Swara nodde hestiatingly.

Sanskar.r u ok

Swara…thank u bh….

Sanskar earth got shaken on listen d intials of her line he immediately interupted her.

Sanskar…dare u to call me dat otherwise u will regret it.

While back nuts n laksh were ending endlessly.
Swara…but …bh..

Sansakr..i said u dare u n move now

Swara immediately went from dere n sanskar was looking at her diappearing figure.

Laksh came n patted his shoulder .

Lasksh..she is beautiful

Sanksar …hmm

Laksh….she is just like a fairly land innocent princess


Laskh ….u like her.

Sankskar..came to senses n came to know dat laksh is pulling his legs

Sankar got angry n pour d water on his head n moved out of dere.

Wheras kavita was hell angry ..n something else was going on her mind

In class.

Swara was sitting at first bench like proper studious student.just den sanskar came n gave her michevious smirk

Swara was still drowned in her book.
Whitout realising wht was going around.

Precap…sanskar annoying swara…ragini entry.
Swara sanskar nok jhok.

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