Unspoken journey of love – chapter 24

I m really sorry guysss for disappearing like this but wht to do dere are tone of studies to do …lol

So here we go.

Chapter 24.

After an hour at swara home

Ragini n nuts are sitting at hall
Where ragini was pacing anxiously in hall …with utter confusion…
Just den swara came weraing trousers with sweat shirt n hud.

Eating an apple she came at hall n settled herself beside nuts

Ragini formed a o face looking at dem
Rag….wht d hell pls spit out d truth shona

Swara…relax just for few more secs

Just den dey heard a horn sound nuts jumped from her seat excitedly…
Ragini got startled at her sudden act.

Nutss..omg he came …yeah she immediately setted her hair n glanced at mirror for seconds

Swara smirked seeing at her madness .

Just den a man with ravishing personality came in with a statisfied smile…

Nuts glanced at him n ran as an athlete n jumped on him

Man was startled for a moment but hugged her back n pecked her forehead.

Nuts….i missed u.

Man ….but i didnt

Nuts. Made an angry plus sad expression.
But to her amusement his reply made her happy.

Man…i didnt missed u because. U are always here.
He pointed towards his heart .
N nuts pecked his cheeks.

Ragini was stupified at d discovery d man standing in front of her is non other than the worlds biggest bussiness tycoon the VIREN .S.OBEROI.

Viren ….came forward n in an instant hugged ragss.
Ragss got shocked n didnot responded him.

Where as swara was still sitting at her place. Calmly without any effect on her.

Viren glanced at her shocked face ..
He made her sit n gave her water to drink

Ragini gulped down d water in one breath.

Ragini was still confused

Viren….hmmm he took along breath ..n settled himself beside her n took her in her embrace.

Viren..ragini ..look wht i m going to explain is truth thus it is bitter too but with a blessing too for all three of us.

Actually …he stammered initially den he glanced at swara .
Swara blinked her eyes in assurance.

Viren ….so listen to me carefully n calmly my little sis

Ragini got shocked ay his words

Her eyes had unshed tears which were on verge of falling

Viren….yeah itstruth dat u r my sibbling n twin of swara n 5 min elder than her too.


Viren…..sshhhh.let me complete.
Swara never knew dat she had a twin but i knew it but i didnt know u were alive he said with a sad smile.

Ragini ..looked at him with questioning eyes.

Viren…letme start from beginning .
Our mother Sharmishta singh oberoi was married to dat man….shekar roy

Ragini gulped with fear at dis new discovery ..

Later explained her all dere life history ….how dey got separated n all.

Which i had told u in previous episodes.

Ragini was continuously sobbing after knowing her reality

She just ran towards swara n took her in bone crushing hug

Too which swara responded wiyh equal intesity.
Swara n ragini extended dere arms n invited dere bro to hug dem without any time lag viren hugged his sisters n he had also unshed tears but swara was still calm as still water stream.

After fews minutes.
All were present in hall.

Ragini….shona why didnt u told ever abt ur family to me

Swara..gave her look n asked have u everasked abt my sibblings to me. ..u always asked about my mom n dat man.

Ragini…. but your sir name is singh.

Nutss…lol so wht her full name is SWARA SINGH OBEROI…n viren full name is VIREN SINGH OBEROI.

Rags…but u neither let anyone know dat u were oberoi.

Swara…wht is dere to know dat i m oberoi but u all should know first dat i m human first

Viren…ok stop it so finally i got my sis back so dis is call for celebration

After his words nuts spitted out d drink she was drinking.

Viren..wht i m human only .so i can too party.

Where as swara smirked at his reply.

Viren …n moreover ragss u know wht finally someone is dere to join in my bussines

Rags..gave him a questioning look..but bhai wht abt shona n nuts.

Viren ..nuts she is busy with her own fashion house n abt ur twin u can ask her only

Ragini…wht thus this even means

Swara..gave her not to ask look.

U will get to know soon laddo.

Nutss.stop all this so get ready we are going to disc ..at sharp 8.
N ragini follow me….u need a superb makeover dear.

Ragini …but wht abt swara.

Nuts…lol she n makeover …then all of us will nedd safeguard from her anger.

Saying dis nuts dragged rags along with her leaving swara n viren behind all alone.

Viren was continously staring at swara.

Viren …no actually someone said dat dey will not enter dis house back 3 yrs.

Swara…so. …i know we have lot to sort out.but at right time

Viren ..dammit i listening it till past 3 yrs..u have not shown me ur face neither entered here .

Just den swara phn rang.

Swara..yeah eric.

Eric….he is alive.

Swara…face got tensed…but how dis is possible …is he all behind d shot on ragini

Eric …yeah he is.

N by d way congo u got ur sis.

Swara…congrats to u too on ur engagement finally.

Eric blushed a little n said thanks.

Call ended.

Swara after dia left to her room which was on third floor which has only one room isolated dere from reat of house.

Swara entered her room which was queit lavish n royal yet simple n elegant
It has lavender n tan shade walls with d royal bed in mid.

N tons of book shelfs n attached balcony with attached pool n garden too

Yet dere was 2 another secret rooms attached with her room

After an hr.

Viren was standing in hall waiting for his family .den only nuts arrived.
Wearing a cute yet hot blue colour one piece till her knees.

Viren was dumstruck looking at her.
Where as same condition was with nuts.
Viren pulled nuts towards him n said in her ears with a husky voice.

Viren…i have to do lot of work to keep u away from people gaze.

Nuts..cheeks tured into dark shade of pink.

Just den rags arrived dere with her new avtaar looking ravishing in
royal pink ..crop top n. Pink netted skirt till her knees with open hairs adding a lot to her beauty.

Hugged her n said…i didnt know dat my sis was this much young now i m sure i have to do double work to save u too.

Nuts..uff when will shona come
Just den swara game in black denims along with white loose crop tank top n jacket over with it.
With her hairs teid in high pony.

Nuts…atleat today wear something interesting

Swara..gave a whatever look n took her cars keys with her n walked away..

Precap….all at disc..swara finding there something unusal.vieen reaction over rags n laksh relation.
Some flash back of swara n sanskar.

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