Unspoken journey of love – chapter 23

chapter 23

sansakar came home back while laksh was with acp

sasnkar hand was bleeding because of his outburst on wall .

he came to his room n took first aid box while his mind back to flashback


sanskar was racing bike n he won d race but suddenly his hand got hurt accidently.

seeing it sanskar ignored while swara came running to him n started panicking

she pulled him along d way to rest room

in rest room
sanskar… shona relax its just a small scratch.

swara,…while slightly sobbing … just shut up n let me do aid

she bandaged his wound while sobbimg n scolding him while sanky while smiling at her concerned nature .

sanky… hey shona listen i m all good ..said while wiping her tears.

swara kissed his wound n sasnskar smirked .
sanskar…just nodded no n kissed her on cheeks gulping her tears..

his trance of flash ended by a phn call.

in LA

swara… all set rags.

rags was utter confused.. r u telling me where are we going it is traumatising

swara….have pactience sis..

ragini… gasped at word sis..

after a hour..

dey landed her hometown n dn only a lavish mercedes came along with 15 body guards

swara …gave a utter disaapointed look glancing at dem
were as ragini was shocked

ragini.. shona.. were r we n who r dey

swara.. body guards.. for u

ragini.. but why

swara,,,because hitler wanted

ragini.. who hitler

swara …wait for few minutes you will get answers

after few minutes dey entered a private place having huge lavish n marvellous villa

dey entered n number of servants came for dere service .
raGINI IN WARNING TONE …. r u going to tell

swara..welcome to home
saying this she walked in.

suddenly a girl came running n took ragini in bone crushing hug

ragini was startled.

ragini halted n broke d hug n said ..nuts

nuts …welcome home dear

ragini was utterly confuse..

swara….will u let her come inside

nuts ..yeah

ragini went inside nwas startled to see de interior which made her speechless

swara came directly n settled herself on sofa

ragini ..now pls tell me

nuts …what

ragini ..what am idoing here …what r udoing here..where i am

nuts,, ok i am here because i live here

next u are at your own home n i am ur soon to be bhabhi ..

ragini was again startled..at so many discovery,…..my home was only thing she said in whisper tone

swara…let her take breath nuts ..

wait ragini settle ur self n i will tell u all u wanna know n others thing u should now.
saying dis swara went

precap….truth came out… ragini transformation…hitler entry….swara

n guys pls sanskar is not dumb its just d need of story at dis time otherwise d thing is dat swara n sanskar love each other endlessly but what made her n him to turn apart n how will dey get along .is all abt this ff i said it earler too it is thrilling love story ..n moreover why j knows swara more u wil get to know its actual reason later….n if u really think that story is not nice then tell me pls ..i will end it soon … n if u r not liking it then also let me know it ..

n i will try to update long

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  1. Kakali

    Annie !!! i miss it …
    Love it dear … it’s awesome … thnk u… ;-*

  2. No dear ur story is amazing bt plz give long chappy it’s short

  3. No no it is just awesome ??pls post next part soon and proceed acc to how u want

  4. Mariyajap

    Ur story is awesome dear

  5. Nooooooooo…………dont give me heartattack yaar.pls dont stop this…pls…..pls……….pls……….pls…..

  6. awsm..loving it..tc..

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  8. Good going yaar

  9. Mica

    hahahhah Anie…. love it….

  10. Waiting frm lst 3 dys Nd nw my wait is over.thanks dear

  11. Interesting but very short

  12. Its thriiling and amazing
    Waiting to know the truth

  13. Dharani

    awesome so much of suspense

  14. very nice……..pls post next episode soon ……………………………..
    i am big fan of ur ff …….such a suspense thriller ……this is the best ff i have ever read………waiting to know the truth…………………..

  15. Hemalattha

    interesting,thriiling and amazing.Waiting to know the truth.

  16. Hemalattha

    interesting,thrilling and amazing.Waiting to know the truth.

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