Unspoken journey of love – chapter 21

Chapter 21

Swara was dumbfolded n anger was queit visible in her eyes ….
Man …..continued the flashback.

Sharmishta n shekar were married. Sharmishta belongs to middle class family n so does Shekar…after 1 year sharmishta gave birth to a boy…dey were a happy n prosperous family..until n unless…shekhar met with anju .. a royal ..
.dat days sharmishta was at last stage of pregnancy. ..
.shekhar in lust of money trapped anju n anju was also head over heals towards shekhar ….

Shekhar startedIgnoring his family …then day came sharmistha gave birth to twin sisters bilut shekhar was
also not present dere. Sharmishta health was detoriating day by day. ….it had been a yr d relationship between dem was at its final stages…..
Though sharmishta love for children was more than enough But still deir dad didnt paid any heed towards his family because he was busying with someone else….soon d day came when sharmishta came to know abt reality ….she came n confronted both of dem ..anju being money minded n over prided didnot sawdat shekhar was at mistake but threatened sharmistha..

Sharmistha was totally shattered..she fought for her right when her voice reached d ears of people…anju father who was respectable person …came to know abt dis …n he can do anything for his daughter..so he send goons to kill sharmishta n her children.

It was arainy day n sharmishta has decided to leave India for bright future of her children she
Sold her jewels to arrange money …when dey all were moving towards airport den only goons surrounded dem n started chasing dem to kill all.
Dey ran for more than an hr..

Goons were very close to dem n it was still raining so sharmishta gave swara to his brother..n kept ragini along with her as she was little ill.n dey split up ..man ran along 1yr old child..
He saw behind a hut were dey were hiding.

He ran n was going to hit by a car ..but d car halted at nick of d time..
Den a man in late 30 came out n asked abt dere issues. Dat man was Mr.singhania ..he helped dem in ever possible way so dey went bavk to dat hut in hope dat sharmishta n ragini would be dere but to dere shock it was completely burned ……
Man was completely shaken to his core while 1yr old swara was cring miserably..
Mr singhania being kind supported d boy n made him stand on his feet ..

Flashback ends.

Anger rage unshed tears werw visible in her eyes .
Man came forward n captured her in a bone crushing hug..

Man…i cant believe i got my sis back …he was beyond happy.

Swara…yeah we got her back n dis time i will not let anyone harm her.

She is going to get her real identity.

Saying dis she walked out n went directly to hospital .

Swara made a call.

Swara…eric i need my private jet ready right now i m coming back .

Eric..cool .it would be done n thanks a lot u r coming back we need u .

Call ended.

Swara entered hospital n j came towards her n gave her tight hug to which she reciprocated equally

J…i m really happy for u.
Swara..just pecked his cheeks n went straight.

Sanskar who saw all d scenario was beyond shock n anger.

Swara..geev make her discharged paper ready.

She with help of geev took ragini who was still under effect of anasthesia towards her jet n flew away.

Here in hospita laksh n sanskae was unawre of all dis.n j….was simply chatting with geev at his cabin.

In jet swara was staring at ragini with lots of care but anger n rage was still seen in her eyes
Whereas her face was still devoid of any kind of emotions.

Precap…..swara n ragini in LA…at her flat…laksh ..n sanskar came to know abt ragini missing.
Swara…n sanskar..

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