Unspoken journey of love – chapter 20

Chapter 20

Swara n geev were in his cabin waiting for d person …
D place were dey was sitting was far from hustle of hospital moreover a confidential place.

Just den d person entered.
Swara looked at person with hopeful eyes but her face was emotionless.
Person dere. Patted her head n assured her dat all will be alright.

Geev..lets start procedure den .

0erson kissed swara her on her forehead n moved with geev.

After hr .
Geev came out oc icu of ragini
Sanskar n laksh were sitting on bench staring at ceiling blankly whereas swara was standing still

J has went bavk with dat person to drop him back though he was ok but swara been reluctant sent j with him .
No one other then swara..j knows d peeson n sanskar n laksh dont even know who donated dem blood..n dey were not bothering about dat because dey were more worried about ragini.

Then only geev came out.
Sanskar laksh ran towards him .
Geev glanced at swara as she was standing at her place but only few knows how dangerous tornado was taking place in her heart.
Geev just blinked his eyes looking at swara.
Swara got her breath bavk when geev assured her.

Geev…she is alright..
N no need to worry.

But something was still haunting geev which was easily guessed by swara.

Geev..u can meet her when she gets her conscious back.
Saying dis he moved forward.
Swara goy to know something was disturbing him.
She followed him .

Swara…is everything alright geev.

Geev…yeah she is fine.

Swara..oh really..i want d truth

Geev ..seriously its not about her .

Swara…..den ..what..
Geev..got from his seat n sat in front of her n
Took her handa in n pressed dem in assurance.

Swara gave in confused look.

Geev look his blood matched exactly to rags ..n dats why she is alright.

Swara…so its good na.

Geev..but his composition matches exactly to her.

Swara…she holded her breath.
Geev …so i did dna test …n it matched.

Swara was traumatised …happy ….angry n god nows what bit her face was still emotionless.

Swara…den do mine dna tedt too.

Geev ..gasped at her …r u sure.

Swara gave her stern look.

Geev took her blood sample n sent dat for testing.

After half n hour.

Sanskar n laksh were standimg near door of icu waiting for ragini to wake up .

N here swara was at distance from dem .

Just den geev gave her reports.

N after a sec a nurse came n informed dem dat she got up sanskar n laksh ran towards her cabin .
But swara ran towards opposite direction i.e exit of hospital…she was red in anger.

Here geev sanskar n laksh was bewildered looking at her as she was d one mostly effected by ragini condition n she is not even coming to see her now.

Her while running swara bumped with j.

J…hey hold on..where.
Swara just snatched d car key from him n went away.

Geev came towards j..
J..gave him questioning look
Geev…let time come i will explain u.

Here ragini was looking for swara n for her dismay she was not here.

After a small chit chat…ragini went to sleep.
Geev ingormed dem she is altight.

Here swara was furious.

She just came in front of a 50 floor building n went directly towards topmpst floor where was penthouse.

She just entered d house with bang shouting.


Just den a man came out from washroom .

Man ….hey shona ..all good why are u shouting …is ragini alright now.

Swara…do we have one more sister.
She said with hopeful yet angered fill voice.

Man….was shocked for a moment ..but thought dat it was tight time now.

Man…yeah we used to have one sistee…ur twin.

Swara..was stupified she instantly ran towards him n hugged him.

Man was surprised as he knows how bad she os in expressing her emotions.

Man ..hey listen me
Swara…what do u mean by we used to have.

Man …actually.
He made swara ..sit on couch n sat in front of her.

Swara…i want to know…why didnot i know u never let me know about our family bhai …why …

Man ….i always waited for right time to come.shona
.n now it has…

Man …..our mother name is sharmistha singh.
Swara..nodded n said i know mom name.
Man…but not his husbands name.

Swara..gasped at him as she know as from childhood he never talked about dere family except mom.

Man….his name is shekar roy.

Swara breath got stuck.

Precap…..swara knowing abt her family…ragini. swara. Flying to LA
Swara n sanskar

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