Unspoken journey of love – chapter 2


4:00pm udaipur…rajasthan

As we entre in a royal palace of roy’s .
In hall we can see bunch of people targeting a single lady .
All were accusing her for some unknown reason

Shekar roy…how could you even think a middleclass girl like you RAGini .. who dont even know whose blood you are..can match our status..n….
He was interupted by a strong male voice …
Which was anger filled…
Man…enough who gave you rights to question her n who the hell do you think you can question my love.

Tshhhh.a slap sound came
Durgaprasad just slapped his son
Dp….how dare you LAKSH..are these the manners we taught you to speak with elders.
Laksh …n what abt him dad how can he accuse my love. You know that rags is the only girl i will love through out my life n still you are forcing me to marry kavya for the sake of your community…
He moved forward towards rags to console her that he is there but was interupted by KAVITA.

Kavita ….oh really for this nobody u r rejecting my sister…r u insane..this girl who doesnot even know whose sin she is ..who doesnot even have standard to stand here ..want to marry you are you kidding me …okay fine for once we can neglect she dont know who she is but she dont have any family any friend beside you n sanky ..
Who can stand for her..she is just a peice of trash …for use n thr before she could complete her sentence shhe was on ground….brutally kicked by someone.

All were shocked n elders were angry .that how some one can dare to kick her.
All looked towards the source n there d saviour was standing with blood shot eyes that can kill anyone at that instance…

Swara …someone called her in feeble voice.
Yes she is swara.

She directly walked towards ragini n too slapped her hard..
Laksh got angry n clenches his fist…but he knows ragini deserves this.

Swara … r u mad ..or r u a angel to listen every body accusation for no reason . Who r u .only a human dammit.who have a golden heart.

I said look at me ragini ..i m here standing before u ..why d hell on earth u cant take a stand for ur self..saying this a lone tear escaped fron her eyes which was only noticed by rags..
N this was enough for ragini …so she just ran towrds swara n engulfed in a bone crushing hug….
Everyone present there were dumbfolded as they were not knowing wat was going on .

Except two person one was laksh who was having satisfied smile on his face.
N other was kavita who was burning with anger.

Screen ends on hugging pose of swaragini.

Precap …sanskar entry …reason why all were against raglak…swara pov.

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