Unspoken journey of love – chapter 19

Chapter 19

Swara was looking at all goons with shot red
J came towards d dead goon ..n bend to inspect his clothes like he was finfing something ..

Terrified goons ran from dere.
Before swara could ran behind dem dere was shreik sound .
She saw behind n ragini was lying on d floor .
Just den reality hit to her mind ragini was shot by a bullet ..
Everyone dere panicked ..
Except swara..
Her anger was at its height ..
But her cold behaviour was same.

Laksh was dishavled n freaking out .

Swara made a call .

Swara…geev make arrangement …she told him abt d situations.

Swara…lets take her to hospital immediately …n stop panicking
.she will be alright.

Only j n sanskar could understand her state of mind at this time.

Dey immediately went to sanskar car n swara took d driving seat.
With in no time. Dey entered d hospital n. Dere geev was standing waiting for.

He commanded nurses n helpers to shift her in icu.

Geev…to swara ..she will be alright..

He went inside icu.

Here outside laksh was completely shaken n sanskar was consoling him .

Swara was standing as pillar emotionlessly.

She den made a call.

Swara..i want dat murderer by hook or crook in front of me within 24 hrs .

Saying dis she cancelled d call.
Swara…u have to pay back for .dis u have to .

Just dan j patted her shoulders that made her chain of thoughts to break

J…we need to get him or else u know what its outcome can be.
Swara..just nooded in agreement.

Here sanskar was constantly staring swara as he know very well how broken she is at dis time .but what amazed him was her same cold attitude.
Just den he remembered d goon calling her bhabhi…is she married he thought..hus heart pooped out n his breath stopped for dat moment thinking abt her .but now he was thinking dat who shot rags n for what.

His chain of thoughts was broken by geev coming outside.

Laksh came n stood in front of him…
How she is…
Geev…with a disappionted look she has lost lots of blood .
N we need to arrange dat blood immediately but her blood group is rare.call her siblings.

Swara…she has no siblings geev …u can arrange d blood grp from donor banks.

Geev ..first her blood grp is most rare …O-ve
N secondly her blood grp has different composition so only siblings can match ..
But in rare cases otjers blood can also match so pls arrange it .

Swara…just took out her phn n went out .

Swara…i need u pls…she said all thiswiyh stern voice whereas her eyes were having unshed tears.
Person …hey r u alright what happend.
He just got traumatised just on ur gps .n i m .

Swara …came to geev n said ..i have arranged it but made d donor name confidential.

Precap …unknown person….a shocking truth to be revealed .. swara in shock.

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  1. Interesting
    Try to write the episodes a little longer

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    Anie… ty for breakfast 😀
    tut tut tut.. twist and suspense coming…YAY!

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    Anniee !!! u made me crazy for ur FF … serious dear … it’s my fav … Fav …
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  4. Hi dr ????????
    Wow dr what a ff dr…..awesome dr……i love swara’s attitude soo much…..what a character dr……u r nd ur ff is mind blowing ??????
    Superb……..waiting fr next part….??????

  5. Super Interesting

  6. Now i am completely mad for your ff
    I just love this mystery
    Love u loads for writing this

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