Unspoken journey of love – chapter 18

Chapter 17

Here comes swara with her aura looking hot n sizzling even in hef casual attire.
She was wearing rugged denims along with crop top n a leather jacket .

Sanskar heart asusually started beating fast.

Viren …actually guys i wont be able to accompany u. I just have an urgent work
Saying this he left.

Sanskar direct way went to his bmw. Followed by all three

He was hoping swara to come n sit along with dem .
But to his dismay again the bmw z4 arrived at gate swara took d keys from driver n sat in d car.
Followed by j.

Kavita was here burning with anger.

After half an hr.

Sanskar n all have arrived outside d disc.
Kavita…lets move what we are waiting for we know how she drives n we also know sanky is best racer though..so it will take her more 30 min to reach .
Kavita forced them to move in.

When dey moved in loud music was all dey heard.

Youngsters grooving on beats of music.

All were again astonished on what dey saw.

Swara n j was sitting in d corner of disc n were having drinks.

Dey approached dem.

J…what took so long u guys to reach
Kavita..but how u guys arrived dis much earlier.
J…what do u mean by dat when u have a professional car racer along with u what else u expect.

All were dumbfolded ..as acc to dem she was tachophobic …fear of speeds.

But here swara was lost in her own world least bothered about dere convo.

Grabing dis oppurtunity j snatched her drink n drank in one gulp just to annoy her.

Swara frowned finding her glass empty she in revere took j bottle n drank.
J …made a o face shape.

Sanskar here was burning in jealousy.

He too grabed a taquila shots…
Hangover started to take place but still he was in his senses.
Here ragini n laksh were grooving on stage.

Kavita came to sanskar n asked him to dance.
He in order of his jealousy ..grabbed her wrist n made hos way to dance floor.

Kavita smirked seeing dis n started dancing closely to him he was getting annoyed .
Though here swara got a call she just went out .
Here j..was busy in staring d crowd.

When swara came back..she ran behind someone maniacly like pushing people around.

Here on floor..soms goons like boys were staring at kavita to which she smirking ..
Sanskar just came to attend a call out n laksh tp bar to grab a drink

Just den those boys surrounded ..kavita..
Goons…wanna have da.ce with is mam.

Kavita..no excuse me she said while flaunting her self.

D goons were saying something to kavita ..which was watched by ragini she just came n slapped d goons.

Boy looked at ragini with glaring eyes.
Hearing d slap sound music stopped n sanskar..n laksh ..j came to dem asked dem about situation .
Goons were more in number ..n had higher appraoch .
Dey vacated d disc.

Boy. Pulled ragini. To wards him n slapped her hard..
Laksh just took d bottle n broke on d goons head.
J was just analysing something important as if very imp which swara needs to know.
He den only called her n informed her what she was finding is here only .

N on other hand goons were fighting .with dem just den d goon came with d gun n pointed towards rags head all stood dere terrified.

Goons were now dominating dere.

Just den swara came dere n analysed d situation she saw d goon pinting gun at rags .
Her anger raised

She went direct in d way to rags ..
Goons coming to her way were beaten .
D goon strangling rags was facing back to him .

Now j was sitting at bar n enjoying his beer.

Swara…to j have u gone nuts come n help.me.

J …while chuckling ..u dont need.me

N moreovere i have not seen you in dis action avataar from months so let me enjoy this.

Here sanskar laksh were fihhting n swara wasjust bothering abt rags.

Just den d goon saw back of swara..he took out d knife n went steaight way to stab her.

Sanskar stood rooted to his place seeing d scene.
He shouted out his lungs SWARAAAAA…..

Hearing this swara turned n say goon approaching him.

Goon was just going to stab her but stopped a inch distance .

Goon in horrified stage…….Bhabhi.

All stood dere rooted dere place with dis new mess.

J eyes got red shot now hearing to dis .
J theew d bottle which direclty landed at his head .
Listening to d goons word all other goons stopped n stood terrified

Swara clenched her fist n holded his colar.

Swara with anger shot voice
…answer me.

Goon before goon could say any thing he was shot dead.

Swara looked around n found no one dere.

Precap……how goons know her…..ragini fainted….swara n sanskar

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