Unspoken journey of love – chapter 17

Chapter 17.

Swara was still angry on ragini. N here ragini was trying her best to pacify her.

But swara being swara was though d hardedt nut to crack .

Finally after 3 hrs pacifing n blaclmailing by ragini swara got agree
At night all were sitting in hall .n ragini didnot told about dis incident to any one.

N here kavita was traumatised if swara tell everyone den it would be worse .but to her relief swara was not in d hall.

In hall.
J…hey it was hell tiribg day man ..i really want an energy booster so lets go to disc ..what say.
Laksh hopped up fro his place.
Laksh …brilliant idea..lets go n get ready.
Sanskar ..u all move i m not interested.
Laksh was giving him puppy looks yo which sanky agreed
Rags ..now what abt swara …we all know she hates disc
Sankar also thought d same.
Kavita..dats even better na lets move n get ready.
J ….any body asked ur opinion miss roy .
J…who said she hatss disc.
Sanskar…excuse me ….what do u mean she literally hates disc .
Everyone including viren gasped at d intesity of swara voice.

Den only only swara came down n was talking on phn furiously.

J…snatched her phn
In return j got a slight punch ..
Swara took back her phn n ended her convo

Swara..now say j.
J…lets go to disc.
Swara …in a cold tone n why do u think i will go dere.
J…because i want u to do so.
Swara..then what.
Sanskar smirked.as he knew she will never agree.
J..hey dats not fair.
Just den only a msg beeped on her phn .n she smirked.

Swara..cool but dis time i m not goona control u when u are over drunk d u get it.
J…we will see it.
Hesaid in a playfull tone.
To which swara gave a disbelief look.
Sanskar was shocked as how on earth she got agree.

Everyone disperesed to dere room an after an hour sanskar …laksh n viren along with j …looking hot n handsome in dere cool looks were waiting for girls.

Laksh…i m saying dey will take more time lets move.

Just den kavita came dere were short red colour one peice ..according to her she was looking hot.
But in actual i dont know ..

She.came n stood in front of shanky…how am i looking..her dress was actually to revealing.

Sanskar ..just nodded his head disinterestedly.

Just den ragini appeared in front she was looking divine beauty in black ..full lenght straight floor gown which was elelgant .

All dere stood waiting for swara ..

Precap….all in disc..swara suspicious behaviour

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  1. Awesome bt too short dear plzzz give long update plz na ???

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    Awesome ?

  3. Yeyyy lets party lets party lets party

  4. Nice but its short

  5. DivzS

    OK, now that was “low focus on swara” episode! Cause the episode was short…. Precap is interesting.. But please make it a bit longer… Please

  6. Awesomeness suspense thrill overloaded ?

  7. Nice

  8. Kakali

    Annie plzzz don’t doo kanjuchi ….
    waaaaa !!!! my Swara … i love her toooo much !!!
    i love d most Sanskar’s shocked expressions …
    i love ur whole ff … thnk u dear … 😀

  9. Amazing

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