Unspoken journey of love – chapter 16

Chapter 16

Next morning all were present at dining table..
Expect swara n sanky.

Sanksar came n apologised for being late.
But from his facial expeession it was clearly visible dat how tensed n furious he was.

But what shocked him was j…was eating d breakfast peacefully.
N not bothering where she is.

He settled himself at his place
Aftwr few moments swara entered in .
N without any.word she went straightway to her room.
All looked at her with astonishment expect j…
Ragini was confused
N sanskar was shocked …where she was wbole night…n her eyes dey were red shot n swollen .

But anger was visible in eyes of viren..he was raged with d attitude of her which was annoying him d most.

After a while all men went to office site except laksh …

Laksh ragini .n kav were sitting in hall n were discussing dere plan for outing.
Den only swara came down talking on phn.

Swara …ok ..keep me updated .n call ended

Saying dis she went to dinning table n had her breakfast while she passed a gentle smile to rags.

Meanwhile …
Who was d man at her room in night n moreover where she was whole night ..
But why even i m bothering abt .but deep inside his heart knows how disturbed he is with dis mess.

At villa
All made plan to go for shopping ..rags was blackmailing swara to accompany her to which she finally agreed.

But where else kavita has a wicked smile on her face

At mall dey entered parada showroom .

Kavita was picking things after another .
But here ragini was little bit disturbed as she cant afford dis much expensive clothes.
Laksh back hugged her n placed his chin on her shoulder …n whispered in her ears in a husky voice.

Laksh…dont look at materialisyic value around u as i m not beacuase i have most beautiful n expensive gift of god in my arms .
Laksh handed her a his credit card to which she denied afterall she was selfesteemed girl.

Laksh knows how stubborn she is
Den only he got a urgent call n he had to leave from dere unwillingly.

Here swara was sitting on stool least bothered about surroundings but keeping an eye on rags.

Finally kavita ended her shooping n went towards d billing counter she paid d bill n came towards ragini .

Kav ..ragini pls handle my bags i gound my old friend here n we made a plan for lunch so take them home.

Kavita without giving any chance to rags went from dere n hided at distant place n smirked.

Because aa acc to her 0lan now rags is going to feel great humilation n dis time swara also cant save her

As she paid d bills n den she put extra clothes n along with other ascessories withoyt any one noticing n gave dat bag to rags as while at exit during cross checking she will be caught n humilated n she cant even pay d bills because d clothes along with platinum accessories cost worth more than 50 lakhs.

Ragini went to swara n said her lets go.

Swara .you move i will back in 2 min i have a call to made.

Ragini went to wards d exit n accordingly to kavita plan she got caught.

Manager..mam pls pay d bill of dese items.
Ragini was terrified …n whispered i cant.
People started gathering there
Manager …wht d hell u cant affprd to even stand here den why do even think people like u can come here.
Tears made dere way to her eyes

Manager..do u even realise dat foolish n greedy people like get attracted to dese things but forget dat u belongs no where blo*dy cheap

Just den swara came dere n slapped him tightly on his face dat he got stumbled n his lips started bleeding.

Here kavita was smirking seeing d scene.
Swara..who dare to speak to her like this..
Manager…how dare u to slap me do u even now she is a theif.
Swara…one more word against her n u will see hell.
Manager..hell haan let me call police n tell them u cant pay d bill so were stealing it.

Swara…with cold stern voice…how much is. D bill.
Kavita smirked as now swara wilk beg himn to leave dem ..lol

Rags..leave it swara it too expensive.
Swara gove her stern yet assuring look .
Manager…ur bill is Rs 55 lakhs are u able u pay it ..blo*dy cheap people
Kavita smiled widely seei g d scenario but her smiled changed into astonishment den to frown n finally anger raged in her by seeing d scenario.

Swara took out her voilet n gave her credit card to manager.
Rags along with manager was bewildered.
He swiped d card n bill was payed.

Swra gave a stern look to manager ..n spoke to him in athreatning tone.


Saying dis she grabbed ragini hands n took away d shopping bag on d way back to exot of mall.
Swara distributed d assceories n bags among d needy people.
Kavita frowned seeing her distributing clothes.

Den only swara made an eye contact with kavita n it was evident from swara eyes dat she knows who is responsible for dis.
Kavita gulped in fear but one thought remained in her mind dat how she got dat much money.

Swara n rags went back to home.
All along joueney swara was quiet n angry .

Precap…shocking relevation on its way ..
Swara n sanskar in a room

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