Unspoken journey of love – chapter 15

Chapter 14.

Sanskar came back to hotel n informed lucky dat dey are gonna stay in villa .near to dere work site.

Kavita….yeah finally we can get rid pf dat nobody.
Sanskar gave her a stern look.

N said dem to pack dere things as dey will be moving out within few hrs.
But sanskar in mind was only thinking dat is it d last time …will she leave again.

After few hours.

Sanskar bmw reached d gate with a screech sound .
N everybody mouth was hung open as it was a lavish villa or a royal palace with best interior n granf entrance dey walked in n no of servants queued in to serve dem .
Dey settled demselves in living area.

Kav…on my gosh its so lavish. Whose palace is dis.
Sanskar..its not palace .its home.

Sanskar..mr oberoi’s home
Kav…but outside its was vs villa.
Sansakar …ya his name is viren .s.oberoi.
Kav …den what for second s stand.
Sanskar …idk..n pls stop haunting me.
Just den viren enter d hall.
Sankar stood up n greeted him.
Viren…i hope u are comfortable mr .maheswari.

Sanskar..yeah off course by d way .let me introduce dem.
Viren glanced at laksh n said.
Oh …mr laksh maheswari ..i indeed know him .
N he looked at ragini..
When he made a contact with his eyes dere was something else spark as some connective spark in ragini as well viren.
Laksh..meet my would be wife .miss ragini.
Viren …just nodded his head with a polite smile.
N den glanced at kavita. With a question look dat who she is.

Kavita hoped dat sanskar will introduce as her would be wife…lol.
But to his dismay sanskar didnot eve. Bothered.

Kav ..den finally herself introduced her.
Den only j entered d hall with a teasing smirk .
Followed by swara but she was same as cold.
J went towards viren .
N said something in his ears.
To which viren got annoyed.
Swara without even greeting anyone walked to dinning table n started having dinner .to which j joined her.

Viren got raged up seeing her behaviour.
He just silently walked to table n settled himself at head chair adjacent to swara.
But swara did not paid any heed.

Den everyone started having dinner.
Kavita ..spoke up .in low voice ..look. how ill mannered she is didnot have minimum courtsey to wish him.
J..gave her death glare.
Kavita.gulped in fear n eat her rest of food in silence.
Servant will show u all ur rooms .
J..hey look shona i did well today now u have to bear a punishment.

Swara..shoot what i have do.
J..i will tell when time will come.

Swara just nodded n finished her food n moved towards kitchen .to grab beer.

When she came out …everyone looked at hee in horror as without any concern or knowledge she went to kitchen n grabbed a bottle .
Dere.trance was broken by a phone call on swara phn she picked up d phn .

N straightway climbed d stairs n went in long corridor.

Viren …unbelieable

Sanskar was again startled with lots of weired things happening around .

Precap….someone enterimg in swara room in midnight ….ragini fainted….n swara sanskar locked up in a room

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  1. Wow awesome waiting for nxt part its too short dear

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    I was just scrolling when I saw your post and read it…its really nice.
    I liked it so much that I am reading all previous chapters.
    Its a guess…I think that Swara is Viren’s sister…Swara’s full name is Swara Singh Oberoi
    Viren S Oberoi is Viren Singh Oberoi
    Just a guess

  9. Why do i feel swaragini and viren are siblings coz she knows where is kitchen and the room coz all of them just went there for the very first time and swara was like she knows this place very well

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