Unspoken journey of love – chapter 15

Chapter 15

At night ..

Sanskar was working with all his concentration
After few moments he felt thirsty .
N went to grab water from jug but it was empty so he moved towards kitchen.

While on his way back to his room.he saw a shadow walking towards d swara room he just went towards d direction suspiciously

N hided himself at a safe place he waited for some time for d person to come out .

Just den he heard door click .
He thought shadow man will come out .
Dere was dark all around.

But to his dismay dis time it was swara alone talking on phn

Sanskar…what d hell dat man where it is n where she is heading n talking with at dis hr of night.

Swara…yeah …r u sure.
Other side…i m cent percent sure.
Swara…gosh dammit ..but how it could happen eric.

Eric …we are also bewildered.

Swara..ok keep me updating n i wll see it.
Bye n take care of jane.

Eric ..bye ….
Hey dats not fair…why jane.

Call got disconnected .

Swara facd was cold but something was unusual on her facial expression dis time.

Sanskar was amused with chat .
N moreover who is eric now.

What on d earth all guys are her friend…..

Lol jealousy.

Swara …vlimbed down stairs n went down.
Sanskar followed her
She rided her harley davidson a super lavish n rare model .
N really ex0ensive sanskar really gasped at d thought first sheis visiting at dis night of an hr.
N riding a bike all alone.

Fear was surely visible in his eyes ..

Swara was riding bike at its highest speed .
N talking on phn like ordering some one.

Precap….next day…ragini fainting …swara n sanskar locked in single room


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..