Unspoken journey of love – chapter 14

Chapter 14

Inside d room
J was still in same rage..
J….u r claiming dat u know her …wow what a joke of dis century miss roy.

Because no in world can ever completly know her not even me.

Dis made sanskar frowned

Sanskar….n why do u claim to know her more dan …..he got stumbled in his words …n twisted it cleverly…..he used us ….instead of me.in his phrase.

J….look mr maheswari i really pity all of u standing here claiming u know her but u dont even know dat she is not an Indian citizen

Do u…
Dis made all of dem shocked dat dey dont ever realise dat dey didnot know abt her

J….did she ever told u about me.

Ragini shooked her head in positive

Dis made sanskar gasped .n j looked at her keenly.

J…she would have but not in her senses did she..he said with proud smirk.

Ragini….yeah she was spiked.

Dis made all off dem bewildered.
Now sanskar wanted to know answers .
If she was alredy in relation with him den why me.

J…n let me clear it now dont u ever say a wprd against her u will see worst phases of ur life den.

He said all this thing with venom.

Just den swara came in n looked at j n said do well ..or wlse wait for ur punoshment j.

To which j ..immediatly meltedn said done if i did well u will be punished.
Swara shows him thumbs up .n took came forward hugged him n whisper something in his ears to which he smiled.
He took her bike keys from drawer.n leather jacket from wardrobe n went to wards rags n said her bye n moved out without paying any heed.

Dats was it for sanskar.

Sanskar..what is she….
Before he could complete.
Kavita interrepted.
Kav….oh my gosh ..she was dating 2 rich guys at a same time dont tell shen ever told u abt ….her past.
She can stoop so low i have guessed it earlier only ..she is so cheap n blo*dy money minded.

Listening to her nonsense anger was raising in j…n sanskar along with rags.

Kav..she is such a b*t*h ..she can do anything for money.she…

Before she could complete j…took a vase n threw it in hers direction everybody gasped.
Kavita stood horrified as dat vase just slightly touched her ears n went straightway to wall..

J with red shot eyes next time it will be ur face.

Me n my swara ..
Listening to my swara sanslar got really jealous.

J…we know each other from 20 yrs when we were children ..
We are pillar of strength …..spinal cord.of each other life ….we can know abt situation by glancing each other face..

If i m negative n she positive though we r oppisite bug ends of same magnet which u will divide n ultimately get dese sides again.

We are soul best friends .

Yes i love her more dan my life…i can never afford to loose her but not as my lover i love her as my soul friend ..n next time miss roy if u dared to raise ur voice against her dan u would not be able to speak anything else in life.
Saying this j went out.

Sanskar was staring at d door n was drowned in some sought of guilt .

After an hr.
In a meeting hall.
J was alredy present dere.
Just den sanskar .entered in he looked towards j..n was amused to see him so normal.

J..stood up n shaked hand with him..

J…some one special warned me to never mix my professional n personal life.

Sanskar know d some one was swara

Just dere trance was broken by a young tall handsome guy entering in hall .
With his aura n stern look looking breathtaking.

Sanskar..mr oberoi..welcome to India
Viren….pleasure is mine mr maheswari.
Viren moved towards j n gave hin a stern look to which j made a innocent face .
After 3 hrs meeting ended
N contract was signed between worlds topmost 3 companies.
According one pf it clause ..dey have to stay at a single place n can be accompanied by dere families.

Here on other side swara.
Swara was standing at d edge of a cliff n watching at sky aimlessly.

Precap..all in one house..viren n swara meet…swara…sanskar ..

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