Unspoken journey of love – chapter 12

Chapter 12

Inside car dere was pin drop silence neither swara nor sanskar was speaking.

Suddenly swara phone rang .
Seeing d caller id she disconnected it continued. Few more time.

Finally she picked phn .

Swara……stop haunting me.

Saying dis she.disconnectd n switched off d phn

Samskar glanced at her face n was amused to see her smiling after a long time.
It made his heart skipped a beat .
Suddenly car came to a halt.

He moved out d car n watched d car has became disfunctional

He knocked her side window.

She slid down d window but was still looking away from him

Car got damaged n here at dis weather we wont be able to go anywhere.
Swara…just came out of d car n started walking ahead without looking at sanskar .
It was still raining heavily

Sanskar anger shook at its peak.

He followed her n held her elbow dat much harshly dat she coundnot balance her self n slipped…n fell on d ground made her to wince in pain .

Sankar was shocked n hurted to see her at dis stage.
He immediately bended down n was going to hold her shoulder.
Swara just showed her hand to him dat she is fine .

She very hardly got up because her injury got hurted n dis time it was visible on her face.

Sanskar ..i m so sorry but when he saw dat she was holding her abdomen tightly reality stucked to his mind he moved further n holdes her softly with tender care.

Sanskar ..r u alright .
He immediately took her in his arms and walked towards d car without letting her to react

He reached car n placed her on backseat n took first aid kid.

Swara..whta d hell .
Sanskar…just shut up no more words or else u know me.

Swara just kept mum because she knows nobody else know him as much she.

He just opened her jacket n she was wearing a crop top looking extreemly hot his breath got stuck for a second but when he saw her wound his eyes became teary as it was too deep
N majoer
He immediately too antiseptic to clean her wound n when his hands made contact with her bare waist world stopped for both of them.
Suddenly swara made a hiss sound.
N satrted babbering..just leave it ..she was continuosly disturbing her ..he got frustated n suddenly kissed her lips n didnpt broke d kiss as he was waiting for dis moment since ages .

Swara suddenly came to reality n pushed him
N walked put of car sankar started to walk behind her he stopped her n dere was only ond inch gap between dere bodies swara was all wet due to rain n dis made her look more hot sanskar just cant control dil time n kissed her lips again swara was shocked but cant resist anymore she too started reciprocrating..sanskra smirked seeing dis n bit her lower lip making her too gasp they were kissing as dere was no tommorow…swara hands were romaing on his hairs n his hands on her bare waist but carefully not hurting her injury.
After a long passionate wild kiss dey broke d kiss n looked at each other shockedly ..swara just pushed him n ran to wards random direction
Sanskar was too shocked.

Precap….swara sanskar fight …viren entry…j n swara actual relation revealed

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    waa…… yess Sanskar… in this ff you also gave your bestest trick to Swara.. KISS HER!!!! 😀

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