Unspoken journey of love – chapter 11


Chapter 11
Sanskar came out frustatedly n d scene behind him made him more crazy
J was forefully dragging swara n made her sit in
D car .n drove away.

Seeing dis sanskar also decided to follow dem .

N went away.

His car stopped at an isolated valley at quiet height .he hided behind d tree such dat he can see n hear dem but dey cant

Swara..listen j.its just dat i didnt wanted to trouble u.

Jeh …n u think u r trouble for me swara..he said very harshly .

Which made him surprise dat swara was still emotionlessly.

J …okay fine if i would be fightiong fir my life den also i m not going to tell.
With that he got a hard punch on his stomach
N death glare from swara.

Jeh ..look i have just said it n u got violent dan think abt me shona he said in a low tone..tears eventually made ways from his eyes seeing dis swara immediately engulfed him in a tight hug .

Dis triggered d anger n confusion in sanskar.

J…composed himself n again asked her rudely..r u taking ur medicines.
To which swara made poker innocent face.

Jeh…wat nonsense r u out of ur mind ..few moth before only u had undergone a major abdominal surgery ..dammit u have seen ur death n.
Again u got hurt at same place resulting in more adverse condition.
What was need to come india.n fight with dat goons single handedly haan.
Think if geev would not have not trated u den u…saying dis he fell down onground on his knees disappointedly .

Swara..but look i m ok.

Jeh …u will never listen to us na…u always play with death na go ahead ..i m not going to talk u now.
Saying dis he went to his car n drove away in anger …..swara was knowing dis as it was his habit to drive fastly alone at high speed to burst out his anger .
She calmly sat under a tree waiting for him as she know he will come back.

Listening to dere conversation floor slipped from the feets of samskar his heart flinched .on thought of loosing her.

He was more bewildered on discovery dat she was harshly injured dat day n even he didnt notice.
He banged his hand harshly on tree trunk resulting in piercing of sharp woody edge made his hand bleed.
But he was not bothered about it .
Suddenly it started raining looking at dem
He walked to wards swara n stood behind her

Swara sensed his presence.n said.

What do u want.

Sanskar ..get in car weather is already worse .he thought she would argue but to his utter disbelief she got up n moved.away n sat in car in silently.

Precap ..
Swara n sanskar

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