Unspoken journey of love – chapter 10


Chapter 10.

Kavita in almost whisper JEH SINGHANIA..

There eyes popped out of d socket on dis discovery dat d person so close to swara is european market leader.
A billionare.

Swara was giving death glares to j
N j was just having an apologetic smile ?

Sanskar was just shockedagain his thoughtagain went back to a flashback.


Kavita..listen me sanskar d girl u trust blindly is just a blo*dy golddigger she dont love u.
She loves ur money ..if its not u den any other rich man …..

Flashback ..
Dese words of kavita was echoing in his mind ..

His eyes got red shot n he looked at swara with dat red hatred fill eyes.

But to his amusement swara ‘s eyes were just cold as eyes.
Kavita..oh looki said u sanskar this thing only.
Dat ‘s why i am thinking shegot so rich ..i was so correct u are a blo*dy golddigger .

Rags..kavita its enough.

Kavita …oh reallyden pls ask her about her actions n her closseness with him.

I m saying she is a cheap moneyminded ….blo*dy girl.

ENOUGH…said j with anger filled eyes n venom filled in his eyes.

J…how dare u to speak about her .but before he could proceed dere convo was disturbed by a phone call.

It was of swara..
What took everybody attention was dat unusual ringtone again .

But hearing to dis sanskar stood still .
Sanskar pov.
What d hell..its d music yes its only dat music only which swara made me to compose …yes it is.n i recoreded it only in single tape without any copy only for her just for her..when i asked.her why do she want dis.she said dat when she will not be with me she will listen to dis n dis will assure her dat i m only for her ..n she for me.

Pov ends

Sanskar eyes got numb n he glanced to wards her with questioning ..painful eyes.
N at dat instant also saw blurred eyes of swara.which made his eyes flinch but before she could express herself she again stood emotionlessly.

She picked d phone.

Other side…oh god heaven finally u picked u mad girl u know how tensed me n hitler was.

Swara..hold on hold on lady bheem just breath .
N i m fine n dont speak about dat hitler.

Other side …hey he cares for u

Swara ..i know it nuts.

Listening to nuts everyone got bewildered as she was one of dere grp n most close tp lucky but to pursue her dreams she went to other country n broke all contacts with all.
But hereshe is talki.g to swara .

Nuts …acha listen how r u tell me seriously r u ok .
Swara ..hey why are u asking same question again n again look i am fine

Dis made j suspicious.

Nuts …dont act brave infront of me geev told me everything now tell r u ok

Swara..what d hell dat blo*dy geev cant digeat a si.gle secret before she could proceed
J snatched her phn .

J…hey nuts.
Dis added one more question to dere confusion.

J ..what dis geev told.
Nuts told each n everything about her injury to him .
N call disconeected .

When j.
.turned his eyes were red shot n n anger was at its peak .he gaveadeath glare to swara .n without any word went out.
Swara shook her head in disbelief n ran behind him shouting …hey stop j listen ..i was

She disappeared from dere veiw.

Sanskar was not knowing what was happening .
Kavita was going to say some thing but before dat sanskar marched out .

Precap ….j anger..sanskar following swara…. n coming to know about her injury….swasan stuck at an isolated place all alone.

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  1. Omg wow this suspence is really awesome

  2. Kakali

    Now m damn sure Anie I have fallen in love with this ff.. the more i read more i want ,,, ur suspense is killing me,, update soon or else u’ll loose one reader .n i’ll admit in mental asylum. soo,,

    thnk u.

  3. superb nice

  4. Super interesting

  5. Rabia

    awesome 🙂

  6. Nice

  7. Wow awesome

  8. can u pls clear which injury?

    1. Mica

      in chappy 7-8, she got injury, fighting with goons..

  9. Mica

    Aniee!!!!!.. love it soo soo soo very much.. continue soon..

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