Unspoken journey of love – chapter 1

Hola guys….
Characters will be revealed as story will unwind further..

Chapter 1

5:00am … los angeles

Camera focus on a girl standing in front of a door wearing rugged jeans…tank top..n sneakers along with pure leather jacket hanging on her left arm with beer bottle in her hand looking smoking awesome..but having some bruises on her arm.. where was she??? N what are those marks lets find out.

She just open the door n entered in her flat.

Girls pov
Huh!!!finally back at the place which people call home. Said while sipping beer…

Third person pov.
She kept her jacket on sofa n proceeded further to wards landline to glance at voice mails.n went to kitchen to grab somthng to eat while
Grabing bread butter number of voice mails were going on to which she was hardly hearing
But the last mail grabbed her full attention .

Voice mail ‘ hey shona .its been three yrs i never complained on your ignorance n will i …but i miss you .u are my only family …i need you ..pls come back INDIA…i cant hold anymore…pls for your Ragss.’ She siad all these while sobbing vigrously…mail ends..

Yes the former girl is swara n second one ragini

Swara pov
What rags …was crying that much helplessly.the thpughts of her in that condition sends me shiver.she need me .but what is the matter the she called me to the place i never wanna visit INDIA..the place which made me the person ..i am.today ..heartless.ruthlesss.emotionless.
But she needs me …

I need to inform in office about my leave.

Third person pov
She picked her phn n rang eric
(Eric…jane….kensi…marty….are her coworkers.friends indeed.
Miss hetty..her boss)
Eric…hi whts up reached home n anything spcl u ranged me this early.
Swara ..yes actually i wanna leave as i m visiting ..huh…india.
Eric ..what he let out a shriek
Hetty who listened their conversation took phn from eric .
Hetty…miss swara i appreciate your thought that finally you agreed for a leave as its been 3 yrs you are working continuously so your leave granted .
Swara…thanks a lot hetty
She hands back phn to eric.
Swara ..just do me favour just trace the number i m sending you n give all information about its location as soon as possible.
Eric -done
Hearing this she hung the phn

Swara …finally coming back india
Dont know what you will snatch from me this time saying this she took her suitcase n bike keys n went to airport.

Precap…in india swara lands …ragini situation
…heros entry.

Eric photo can be seen in profile pic


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