THE UNSEEN LOVE (thahaan,swasan,tanshi,devakshi) few shots



goooooood morning…chennai….you are listening to rj manish in voices of chennai….surprises are awesome..sometimes i will be dumbstruck by surprises…everyone love surprises…ok today in my show u could call me …and tell me about the greatest surprises you had given to your friends…come on why are you waiting,take your mobile and dial my number…till thn ill move to a short commercial break….you are listening to rj manish’s voices of chennai…on radio mirchi 98.3 …idhu semma hotuh machi….

Thapki di wake up…..aditi waked thapki who has completely lost in her dreams…..di you are late manish’s programme is on air …she waked up with a thud angrily stared at the clock which failed to stop fr her love…she hurried took her mobile and dialed a number….omg adithi its busy cant you wake me early….oh baby leave atleast today somebody will try him first.. bhaiya you keep quiet today its really important day…damn it..
dev smiled and left with adithi..thapki have your energy drink boost …oh this boost sona bhabi atleast today you could give me coffee right….no thapki drling caffine is nt good fr health…omg… i did a big mistake by marrying my bhai to a nutritionist….she showed fake anger by pulling her ears ….dev entered and laughed seeing sonakshi…..he gave a hifi to thapki n stared sona loosing himself..they had an eyelock..thapki waved her hands b4 them…..i din c anything …she ran laughing…while dev shyly ran behind her…
On the other hand thapki was continuosly trying to connect with manish…..
Welcome back to d show…hi hello here is our first caller…hi manish….(is it thapki) ….noo….i am tanushree…his ears cant beleive bt continued…(hi tanushree…wer r u frm)….i am frm chennai…(k tanu whom did you surprised recently)….nt surprised i am going to…(k when)…now …(whom)…u my idiot….(excue me)…hi manish its me tanu your close friend…(hey tanu…how are you….omg my friend on air….k tell me wat surprise)… and rishi are getting married according to the kasam……(wow …..tanu congrats its really a great surprise fr me..) ok u m fr manish dnt forget our wedding ….its tomorrow me and rishi will be waiting fr u….(as per ur order mam)..bye….
Its tym for me to leave… keep trying ….to be succesful…tune in on for rj shona to be next on air…with your fav show love birds…until then its manish signing of frm voices of chennai…

He was completely confused and lost in thoughts…swara knocked the door…bihaan can i come in…he came back to senses…hey swara come on yaar…he again lost in thoughts….arey bihaan kya hua??nothing you continue ill be back..he got up and walked towards the door…hey bihaan wait tell me wat happened?? You knw na thapki…ya i remember your on air love right , she smiled funnily…stop yaar,he shouted..kk tell me…she used to call me first daily bt today….wat bihaan…she din call me…she broke out into laughter….hey stop yaar …he shouted..sry sry tis a biggest matter…vry simple she doesnt hv got ur she sent you a gift…she throwed the gift to him and dragged him out..go and enjoy your private tym..its tym fr me to b on air….
She started her programme..

Bihaan walked out with that gift in his hand…he smiled seeing the card which had “A HAPPY FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY MR.B FR BIHAAN PANDEY AND UR FAV VOICES OF CHENNAI” written on it,he smiled and was about to open the gift bt smething stricked his mind wat??????

Hope you like my story ….silent readers cmnt a hi✋✋ i want to knw u …friends will introduce sanky in next part dnt wry….do say if u feel comfortable while i introduce sme tamil songs to you….??

Precap: clash of swasan….thahaan meeting and tanshi marriage

If u want me to add ur fav couplee feel free to inbox r cmnt to ur dear juggu?

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  1. Nalla iruku, put more devaakshi scenes

    1. Juggu

      Nandri bala thangal sitham end baakiyam… Will add…

  2. Priya

    Hi good try ya its really awesome me too a tamilian in madurai u r from

    1. Juggu

      Na chennai priya thank u

  3. Nivika

    awesome juggu

    1. Juggu

      Dhanyavaadh dear snehal

      1. Nivika

        most welcome juggu…btw i have submitted my next epi of will love damage our frndship

  4. Siddhi

    Hey ur episode was awesome but can u add rivanya?

    1. Juggu

      K siddhi I am nt a naagin fan BT will add them fr u….

      1. Siddhi

        Thanks juggu

  5. Spr da juggu continue writing n keep rocking

    1. Juggu

      Reji kutty feeding bottle ah share panrenu soltu d ya da vakitiye anyway tq darlo

  6. rafay don kon

    Jaggu with another ff.

    1. Juggu

      Is it shocking r surprising fr u …..I m confused if u r shocked don’t wry its just a few shots …if u r surprised I’ll make it an ff …..

      1. rafay don kon

        No shocking no surprise i am happy that u will write one other.

  7. Haiyooo!!! Manish as rj!!! Oh god juggu srilanka pakkamum konjam connect panni viden 🙂

    1. Juggu

      Seri seri panniduvom…..

  8. I have confused when Bihaan tell M for manish for first then i am totally suprised when u have add bihaan real name in rj nd u should add sawra real name also helly

    1. Juggu

      Yea bihaan doesn’t HV a pet name so I kept his true name….BT swara has right….shona…

  9. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

    Super da juggu kutty… nice.. keep it up..
    But ennaku oru doubt ma… starting la bihaan radio mirchy la adhum chennai fm la work panran.. but yen aparam hindi la pesuran… chennai paiyam tamil la pesulamey. but its okda chellakutty… nalla iruku…

    1. Juggu

      Bihaan ila swara than a avla hindibkara. Ponna akirla bengliya….

  10. Hi juggu, I really liked ur ff. Pls add kunal and sidhi of parichay. I hope u will… Plsss

    1. Siddhi

      Yeah juggu please add Kunal and Siddhi also

    2. Juggu

      K I will after smetym….

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Well I never saw Parichay show but I have heard of it is the show where the role of siddhi is played by Keerti Nagpure who is currently seen as pranali in naagarjun well I m a big fan of Keerti when I saw her desh ki veto Nandini show on sony I didnt like the show much but I loved her acting and also in Veera and now in naagarjun I watch that sometimes only for her

      1. Juggu

        I doesnt knw anything abt it…it is nt esy to add sme characters widout knwing abt them anyways ill try??

      2. RANdomfANCreationz

        As I said do what is best I also have no idea about the pair besides siddhi 😛

  11. Hey juggu that’s an awesome……my kind request please use less tamil words. Because i don’t know tamil.

    1. Juggu

      i wont yaar dnt wry…..

  12. It’s nice ????

    1. Juggu

      Tq tara??

  13. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow juggu awesome few shots dear I know u r swasan n thahaan fan I m also happy to see devakshi as I m a big fan of devakshi n thahaan love swasan and tanshi too well as for addition of couples I don’t know about that but do what u feel is best 🙂 all the best dear

    1. Juggu

      Thank you jo darlo

  14. Sindhuja

    nice one!! i have a request. yaaru dialogue solranganu name mention panna mudiyuma? it’s confusing.

    1. Juggu

      Ok yaar serui na mention panra…

      1. Sindhuja

        Thanks 🙂

  15. Awesome yaar..

    1. Juggu

      Tysm vennila…….

  16. Nusz Khan

    Hey Juggu you’re finally back with another amazing Fan-Fiction xx

    But my favorite couple right now is Aara (Aryan and Aradaya from Kirshnadasi)

    But anyways can’t wait for the first episode xx.

    Keep smiling like always xx

    ~Nusz xx

    1. Juggu

      Tq nuszzzz dear…


    Amazing dear….waiting for next episode…

    1. Juggu

      Tq kums …..

  18. Kashfia Fatima

    Wow Juggu…awesome…I came to know u write as well…WOW??

    1. Juggu

      Tq kashfia…….is tat surprising r shocking dear…..????

      Sry yaar jzt four days more to ramzan…eid mubarak im feeling really lazy will upload soon….

      1. Kashfia Fatima

        No…no…sorry if you got hurt by the comment…It is nor surprising nor shocking, it is a good thing ☺ Writing is always ? So never feel bad even if someone discourage you ☺ And I can understand that how hectic Ramadan is and I am also not in the mood to write in Ramadan ?? And Eid Mubarak {In advance ☺}

      2. Juggu

        Don’t wry I’ve nt mistaken jzt askd….ur opinion I doesn’t feel discouraged becoz I’m writing only to njoy……

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