Hi frnds…. it’s julina. … I’m a big fan of matsh. … it’s ending hurting me a lot…. I’m somewhat relieved by many ff of u frnds…. so I’m also planned to write ff on my own…. I hope u like it…. for this ff I nèed very big support… that is none other than u guys (die hard fans of ishveer)…. pls cmt whether I’ve to continue or not…. pls pls cmt…. I like cute stories… so I’m going to start like that only…

Intro :
The episode starts with the prayer bell rang in school. Everybody assembles there for the morning prayer. The camera shows a 3rd standard classroom. There the two boys who managed not going to prayer by saying that they have a stomach pain, searches every student bag. One boy, whose face itself reveals the smart, studious look is none other than shikar?. ( Hero entrance) Other boy with cute and naughtiest smile is none other than our charm ranveer. Both during the prayer searches every bag in silence. Shikar asks ranveer why are you searching for other fòod without their knowledge. Ranveer tells him that u itself know after my mom death my father couldn’t do all the work and even though he tried to make some food, I don’t like that. Shikar tells him why don’t u have food brought by me. Ranveer in a bored tone, u always bring that bored chappathi so only in searching for a delightful food to eat. Ranveer after searching many bags he come to a pink bag in the front row. In that he found two tiffin boxes. He wondered why there is two boxes and he opens one box. He found same chappathi and he closes that angrily and opens other. He found a delicious piece of chocolate cake He tongue begins to salivate. He was about to eat the hole piece but shikar resist him. So upon his frnd’s request he decided to take the half piece. He searched for something to cut. He take his own steel scale and cut it into equal pieces. He eats one piece and place the box in the bag. Everybody begins to come to class after prayer and on hearing their voices they both heads to their bench and acts like sleeping. It’s ends with their faces.

Precap : After the first bench girl’s complain upon placing scale with chocolate cream in her seat, the teacher notices ranveer name written on that scale. Ranveer face looks scared.

I’m running it slowly, so that only we could experience the reality of ranveer cute things. If anybody don’t like anything pls cmt…. I’ll change accordingly…. next episode is quite good…. ishveer first meeting. There are more twists and turns in this track. Pls support guys. If you don’t cmt I’m going to end this. Sry guys I couldn’t get radhika perfect image.

Credit to: Julina

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  1. Really nice,,,continue ur ff,,,,

  2. Itsnt is the same story as revolution2020

    1. I just chose intro scene but it differs in story line. Surely not the same story…. tnks shruthi. … pls support…. I’ll include cute scenes of some things…. NOT THE SAME STORY

  3. Pls cmt guys…. comment pannuga….

  4. Nice ff. Plz continue

  5. Its nice pls continue

  6. But I think there is no need to keep ranveer’s mom (amba)dead because more characters in story helps in creating twist & turns. But as your wish you write only that you want?

  7. Tnks guys…. should I run the track slow like this or little bit fast

  8. Tnks neelam… actually there is a small reason behind it… I’ll tell u in upcoming episode…. I’ll try my best to change as per ur suggestions……?

  9. Nice juliana I liked yr ff..
    Pls unite Ishveer asap

  10. Tnks radhika…. sure I will… in matsh also we expect that only…. but in this at first we’ll see the good frnship…. then their reunion…

  11. Enaku unga support than impt. …. pls cmt guys…. silent readers pls

  12. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice julina.add Ranvi’s cute and naughty parts.pls continue.

  13. hi,nic ff nee continun pannu my dear julina

  14. Tnks sana nd sanjana…. yeah I will….

  15. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    the cover pic is too good

  16. Ayana madhavan

    Superb intro.but story-ah konjam fast-ah kondu pona innum super-ah irukkum thangam.i need a long ff dear.

  17. Okay… I’ll run quite fast today….

  18. Tnks madhavan

  19. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    nice to see a tamilian and ur ff pic soooooooo cuuuutttteeeee the childhood pics od shadhika veeerrry nice na and ur ff too super keep rocking

  20. Julina its really too good,and i hope upcoming episodes it become more interestimg,keep going dr.and ur pic is awesome dr,shadika in childhood sooo cute ,iam also from tamilnadu dr,now a days so many tamilians write their ff ,iam very glad to read it.keep rocking


    Soo cute intro dear……Ranveer always cute an naughty… it….

  22. Awsomeeee❤❤ ? but plz update long epi… We need ishveer unite , so I think u should run lil bit fast…. Waiting for the next update… Semmaya iruku ?

  23. Awsomeeee❤❤ ? but plz update long epi… We need ishveer unite , so I think u should run lil bit fast…. Waiting for the next update… Semmaya iruku ?

  24. Awsomeeee❤❤ ? but plz update long epi… We need ishveer unite , so I think u should run lil bit fast… Semmaya iruku ?

  25. Very nice and cute story.continue

  26. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    too good but beat a faster

  27. Ok julina as your wish its also good and keep the track going slow

  28. Tnks u guys….

  29. I m sorry but it’s the same story as revolution 2020……..

  30. Yeah smiriti .. but not the same story…. it differ …. I like the first scene in that so I make it as an intro…. I’m sure it may look like same… but it is not… there will be many twists… how can I include same story… see it is 100% love story… revolution 2020 is somewhat politics no???. Keep reading u may like it…. there is no need for sry dear

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