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The episode starts with ishaani along with shikar and Pragya entered college. They were terrified to see the ragging of seniors. One group of people sign them to come and they go there. They welcome them as young gorgeous ladies and funny guy. They asked them whether they don’t know to wish seniors. Shikar suddenly wishes them good mrng bhai. They got angry and told him to them as sir and maam. They all wished. They asked shikar to dance for Sheila ki jawani song. He shocked and denies.They insist him. He denies by pleading saying that he’ll do it later for sure and promised them. They accept his request and asked him to do push ups until they ask him to stop. He begins to do push ups.

One senior turned to Pragya and asked her to stand in one leg until they ask her to stop. She accepts and tried hard to stand in one leg.; When she kept her leg down due to sneezing one senior sit in shikar when he doing push ups. He shouts at Pragya. She again stand in one leg. Everybody laughs. Then another senior turned to ishaani and thinks what should we give. They are in serious thinking as they execute all. One senior ask her to kiss another senior who is in physio lab. She refuses. Pragya also joins her forget to stand. Again senior sit in shikar. He screams. Pragya standing in one leg supports ishaani. They don’t even listen. They insist her to go otherwise shikar has to do push ups full day with that senior sitting in his back. He tells ishaani it’s ok. I can bear him. But ishaani for shikar’s sake. She gone. Pragya shouts her not to go. But ishaani went.

Ishaani come to the lab. One man with white coat standing there and doing some tests. Ishaani can’t see his face. She tells him that she is ishaani, a fresher. Some seniors in the name of ragging asked me to kiss u . I don't like that kind of ragging. They torture my friend if I don’t do so. So I come here. But I don’t want to kiss u. Pls help me. After hearing all this he asked her whether any guy with blue lens, a fat guy, one nerdy guy. She nods. He smiles saying crazy guys. He said to her that if any senior rag it must be done. It is the clg rules still not showing his face. She tensed. He turns. He looks smart. He comes near to her and ishaani back off. Ranveer felt awkward atonce. he thinks if ishaani get into trouble. He prays to god to help ishaani. He consoles himself that Pragya is there.

The seniors were laughing. Pragya still stands and shouting at seniors for ishaani. They ignored her. Shikar tired of taking push ups. He relaxed. That senior sit on him. He shouts again continue doing push ups. Pragya in the height of tireness she put her leg down. That senior again go to sit on shikar. Shikar shouts. But other senior said it’s enough and ask Pragya and shikar to relax. He introduces himself as vansh( guy with blue lens… he only asked ishaani to do so) a 3rd year senior. Another senior ask vansh why he gave that girl (ishaani a easy task) as he itself know that he( the senior in lab) don’t do such idiotic things and he used to hate ragging. Pragya and shikar got relaxed hearing this. Vansh tell them that he just want to make her tense. Nothing else. One senior ask him what if he kiss her.Vansh tell them that he know about my best friend.

In the lab he come close to her and take the small fallen leaf in her hair and give it to her. She relaxed. He introduces himself as rushab Singh. He tells her she may go. She run away from there. He smiles.

In ranveer college, ranveer got relaxed suddenly. He thinks that god is with ishaani. He comes to conscious by the entry of the prof.kishorein the class. Everybody introduces themselves.Ranveer also in a special way. The prof. appreciates him to gain what he want. He sit. The class starts. Ranveer keenly taking notes and listen to it. Somebody in the door ask excuse. The prof. shouts him coming late for the first day of college. He begins to cry. Ranveer looks suspicious. He tell prof that his grandpa became serious so he admitted in hospital and came. That’s why it became late. Prof become pity and consoles him. He appreciates his sincerity and allowed him. The man wiping his tears come inside and sits near ranveer. Ranveer watches him crying and consoles him.He rocks in his looks. He winks at ranveer. Ranveer surprised. He again acts to cry and wiping his tears. After class gets over, ranveer ask him why he acts. He introduces himself as abhi(kkb). He tells ranveer that his grandpa died before 10 years. I never want to become tension businessman. But my father insists me to join this. He is also great businessman. He always oppose my ambition to become a pop singer. So I joined here for timepass. He asks about ranveer. Ranveer releived from shock introduce himself. They shaken their hands.

Ishaani see Pragya and shikar coming towards her. She hugs Pragya saying that she almost died when rushab idiot come closer but he let me go. Pragya tells ishaani what vansh told them. Ishaani understands his nature and want to thank him and also want to tell ranveer about it.

Precap : Ranveer gets irritated by ishaani talk about rushab

Somebody surely hate him. He is only one to make ranveer understand his love for ishaani.He is a good character. Hope u all like it. Ishveer will be United soon. Pls wait for that. Pls pls pls comment guys. I beg u…. pls

Credit to: Julina

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