Hi guys… sry for the late update…; I was not well yesterday so I couldn’t upload… as no one reply about name for abhi’s character… I’m going to proceed in the name of Pragya and abhi… pls comment any queries guys…

The episode starts with ranveer got up from the bed and relaxed to see Pragya has already got up and cooking in the kitchen ( as in the dream Pragya was sleeping… he releived confirming that it was dream only). Ranveer come to Pragya and ask her to promise that she won’t introduce to ishaani as his sister until his permission(To give ishaani a surprise).She promised.

Days passed. Ranveer and ishaani met for atleast twice in the week and whenever ranveer has a physical touch he felt the same shock but he used to it. In these days, ranveer has no contact with shikar and he also visited his house many times, but the servant informed him that they went for some long vacation. He tried their number also but they were unreachable. Whenever ishaani comes to ranveer home Pragya hide herself and come out only after ishaani left. But she prayed many times to god that she wanted to call her bhabi once and want to hear her opinion about his bhai.

Almost every colleges were about opened including ranveer and ishaani college also. Before the day of reopening ranveer go to the park to meet ishaani.

About 5pm , ranveer come there and sit in the bench where ishaani has already seated. Ishaani was looking sad . Ranveer asks her what happened. She tells him that she dont know why she feeling uneasy. Like something which was with me both in my happy and miserable time; something that gave me strength and support ;Something that was with me for these years is going to be far away from me; YOU…. RANVEER. Ranveer at once kept his hand in her mouth and tells that don’t tell like that ishaani. I’m happy that you joined in top college. That’s why I hide my suffering due to ur seperation so that you wouldn’t take it wrong. But you… Don’t feel like that ishaani. Both their eyes were filled with tears. Ranveer wiping her tears tells her that I was with you. I’m with you now. My soul will always with you even when I’m died. This time ishaani shut his mouth and ask him to not tell like this. Tum hi ho plays….. They both hug… with tears falling down… Ranveer though feel bad, he teases ishaani that pls let him enjoy without her tortuous things. They both smiles and stand and do their Same special handshake during the exact dusk time. They both left , ishaani towards his car and ranveer towards his home. Their both see each other until ishaani car left. The sun sets completely ?…

On the day of college… Ranveer, ishaani and Pragya get ready and go to their college.

Ishaani arrived there and get down from the car. Pragya see her by hiding behind the tree. As ishaani enters college nervously Pragya joins her pretending to be unknown entering the college. Ishaani see her and both smiles at each other. Pragya asks her 1st year??. Ishaani nods. Both introduce themselves( Pragya didn't tell about her relationship with ranveer ). They both talk about some academics and family. Pragya tells her that she is staying in her uncle’s house. Ishaani tell her that she is nervous about the ragging . They both enters and ishaani gets shocked seeing someone.

At ranveer college, he enters and get tensed seeing everybody ragging juniors. One senior called him and ask his name. He tell that he is ranveer. That senior tell to his frnds that he look to strong with arm muscles and ask ranveer whether he work out. He nods. They call one senior senior looking huge with big arm muscles. Ranveer got tensed. Senior tells him to win that bodybuilt senior in arm wrestling. Ranveer wrestled and wins. Everybody look amused. That bodybuilder got mad and left there warning ranveer. But that senior gang praises ranveer that nobody has won him in these 4 years. They let him go.

Ishaani shocked seeing shikar coming into the college she go towards him with pragya.She asked him where did he went and enquired why did he joined medicine as he wanted to become civil engineer( ranveer told her about that and he is studious and for good marks to enter enter every top colleges)
Shikar tells her that he went to his grandma home in one remote area. And added that though he wanted to become eng his parents dream is to make him as a doctor and as he got good marks he joined here. He enquired her how is she and how she joined here and how is ranveer. Ishaani told him about evrything and introduces Pragya as a 1st year student. They both smiles.

Precap : Ishaani is ragged to kiss some senior and at the Same time ranveer felt awkward.

From next episode only the main story starts… these are all the intro parts only…. sry for dragging…. pls comment about queries… pls pls….

Credit to: Julina

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