Hi guys… I’m very very very disappointed guys yesterday… too low comments… if today also there is low comments means I’m going to stop this ff… sry to say this…. ?… and pls tell including Pragya character is ok or not… depending upon ur cmts I’ll change her name.

The episode starts with Pragya entering ranveer’s room. He went to his washroom. Pragya happy to see ranveer and ishaani pic in his table. She thinks it must be bhabby ( ishaani). When ranveer comes out she acts to be normal. Ranveer smiles and tells her that he is going to bear the big problem for many days. Pragya looks anger but she smiles seeing ranveer smiling. She points out to ishaani photo ask him who is she. On seeing her pic he smiles. He tells her that she is his bubbly. Bubbly??? Pragya asked suspicious. Ranveer replied that she is ishaani; his bestieee in all. I like her the most and I wanted to call her bubbly but she denies.Ranveer remember the day (FB: They were playing in the garden. Ranveer asks her to get the ball. But she became tired after playing so she refused. He teases her ( actually he like to call) as bubbly got tired soon!!!. Ishaani shouts him to not call her like that. Ranveer consoles her). Pragya thinks yes he loves ishaani and I can see in his eyes. She asks him whether she ( ishaani) looks big. He tells her that she is not big in look but in her heart and tells her that she is cute and crazy. Pragya thinks bhai u become writer and I too doubted whether it is u or someother.

Ranveer asks when she came. Pragya tells him that atleast now u ask this. They both smile. Pragya tells him that she got seat in RMC so I’m going to torture u for a long time. Ranveer looks surprised . Pragya asks him whether he’s not happy with her stay. Ranveer tells her that he is worried that how ishaani will face all the thing alone. He tells her that now he gets releived that she is going to be with u. Pragya understood and gets happy. He asked her promise to be with her each and every situation as he is not going to be with ishaani for all day. Pragya promises. She went to sleep.

Ranveer laid in bed and tried to sleep but he couldn’t . He again and again think about his strange behaviour with ishaani. He consoles himself that ishaani is his frnd and after schooling his seperation from her only make him behave like this. He says to himself that ishaani is frnd frnd frnd and he sleeps.

He wakes up at 6pm went to see that sarla has gone and Pragya still sleeping. His father getting ready to his work. He go to wash room to brush. In the mirror he see ishaani smiling at him. He shocked and signed his eyes to see ishaani vanished. He come to read newspaper he see ishaani pic with headline a young teen got kidnapped. He again rubbed his eyes to see someother girl in that. He himself concluded that he is terribly deeply fallen love with her❤❤❤❤❤❤… Tum hi ho plays…. he decided to reveal his love to ishaani. He got himself ready and call her to meet him in the park. He carress the face of ishaani in his phone and go to the park.

He come to the park to see ishaani in red kurta and mesmerized in her beauty . He comes to conscious by ishaani asking him whether is he okay??. He tells that she is looking pretty. She blushes. She asks him what is he hiding behind. He hesitantly took his red rose??❤ proposes her.

To his shock, ishaani slaps him hard. He screams in his bed waking up by such horrible dream. ( After ranveer slept evrything is dream????)

Ranveer washes his face and and conclude that due to his strange feeling before sleeping made him to dream like that. He shouts that ISHAANI IS HIS BEST FRIEND that’s it. He sleeps.

Pragya seeing all this get amused. She thinks that ishaani made his stony and selfish bhai as crazy and funny guy. She smiles.(actually Pragya wakes up hearing ranveer scream)

Precap : ishaani went to college and get shocked

Guys : depending on the comments I’m going to continue this; if there is more cmt to change Pragya I’ll change. Pls pls comment.

Credit to: Julina

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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Don’t stopa dr.ur ff was I got was a dream.and I don’t have any problem on pragya’s character.l am relating her as parul.

  2. Before writing comment pls mention whether to add Pragya or not…. It is good no to imagine with some known character than Unknown….. Pls pls comment about that…. Pls… I’m begging u

  3. pragyas char s nice yaar.The epi was funny the way RV dreamt of proposal.Too good and plzz continue writing

  4. Awesome dr …. !!

    But why rv thinking ishani is best friend ….!!

    1. Ranveer still don’t understand his love…. He thought it as a frndship…..He realise it later only…. Until then we’ll see their frndship….

  5. Yeah …. dont stop ur ff …!!

  6. Its nice
    Pls don’t stop u r fan fiction
    I’m OK with pragya and i think her as parul
    we need 100% pure love between ishveer

  7. Supeerrr.. Please don’t stop writing?

  8. Yhh..please don’t stop writing .simply adorable?

  9. awesome dude……..pls continue & don’t stop

  10. Tnks guys…

  11. Nice julina dr ….pls continue dont stop dr …

  12. Dear pragya’s character is ok ? pls continue writing your story is going good so so don’t stop writing

  13. Superb julina dr dnt stop pls keep going and pls stop pragya charecter or else change her name dr

  14. Ayana madhavan

    I wish u can change the name pragya to parul…& ur ff was awesome…gethu…

  15. IshuRV(Pranjali loves Ishveer)

    ya me too think that u should use parul instead of pragya and the epi was too good….

  16. Tnks frnds… nd Okay… actually there is good role for abhi too as a goodwisher of ranveer… but I’m going to change their name… pragya as parul… but pls suggest any name for abhi( playboy)…. any good name… I’ll pick my favourite in that… pls cmt it…

  17. Supera irukku dear,,,,and I am okay with pragya,,,pls,,,stop pannathiga,,,

  18. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    hai pls continue with abigaya its dear and pls dont stop it . .

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