Hi guys… I’m really happy to see many positive cmts yesterday…. seriously many cmts are encouraging me… even tears fell off from my eyes… tnks a lot guys… pls comment about today episode also….

The episode starts with ranveer and ishaani arriving ishaani’shome being drenched. At the time baa sent all the servants to do work inside and come near the pot where ranveer point out. She tries to take some cover from that and at the same time ranveer and ishaani enters the hall. Ranveer notice baa and sneeze to help her from being caught. Baa alerted by the sneeze and shout the servant to get towel soon as her children may get cold or fever. Servant come with the towel and hand it to her. She gave it to ishaani and ranveer. They get their hair dried. Ishaani come to gate to say bye to him. She tells him that for goodness he left his mobile here and get drenched like this. Ranveer looked puzzled. She says him that she didn’t say goodbye properly last time. Ranveer understands and show his hand. They do the special handshake. He again got that shock and try to act normal. He leaves.( That special hanshake they used to do from their childhood and ranveer never uses ishaani property like car or money as he thought that may spoil their friendship).

Ranveer reaches him home and enters the hall there nobody is there he calls him papa and go to kitchen to find him but in vain. He turns and get shocked. There a beautiful girl standing in kurta laughs to seeing him scared and ask him bhai when have u started scaring this much. He comes to conscious and gets happy to see her. They both hug. Ranveer tell her my cute pragya sissy even god gets scared to see ur face. They begin their naughty brother sister fight(Ranveer and Pragya have same age only). Ranveer’s father(Kailash) and Pragya’s mother( sarla) enter the hall see their fighting and ask them to stop. (Sarla is kailash’s sister).Ranveer get blessing from sarla and ask how is she and ask when did they come. She said that she is good and tells him that came that evening only. Ranveer ask sarla where is the little problem. Sarla with her grin tells him that she has some exams so she didn’t come. Sarla tells him that they actually came…… pragya cuts her and ask her to leave bhai as he come now only and she assures that she’ll tell him everything. She tells her to get rest as she is tired and also she need to leave early morning . Sarla go to sleep.

Ranveer with Pragya head to his room suddenly kailash ask them to have dinner. Ranveer denies saying that he is not hungry as he already had some snacks in ishaani’s home. Pragya sit to eat while kailash looks worried and she consoles him. Seeing him being worried ranveer come to eat and have whatever he cooked though he couldn’t eat. Ranveer after eating go to his room. Kailash tells Pragya that ranveer is totally changed. At first he didn’t eat food which I cooked even when he is starving but now he eat this only for my happiness. All his change is because of my beti (Ishaani). Pragya asked who is she. Kailash tells her that she is ranveer’s childhood frnd. He corrected not only friend his life. Pragya asks him whether he loves her. Kailash says yes and tells pragya that he loves her very much but he is not still understand it. Time only make them United. Pragya smiles hearing this all.

After saying goodbye to ranveer, ishaani come inside to see baa taking some cover hidden in that pot. She hide in the pillar and think the incident between ranveer and baa and confirms that this is the matter. She still hiding seeing baa taking something from it. She goes to baa and tell her she caught. Baa gets shocked. Ishaani take the box from baa beyond her refuse and suprised to see 3 pieces of laddu???. She got amused seeing that and laughs. Baa get relieved from her laugh. Ishaani still amused ask baa why you two doing this secretly. Baa tells her that she itself know that I am a diabetic patient; no one in this home allow me to eat sweet but ranveer only understand my feeling and help me to have 3 laddu once in a month. We together doing it for 2 years. Ishaani ask baa is he helping u or making u sick. She tells her that she can’t eat sweet otherwise her condition will get worse I am worrying about that only. Baa tells her that thats why she asked his promise to not tell anybody(Ishaani understand why ranveer hide this from her). She tells ishaani what ranveer said to her.(FB : during ishaani bday ranveer came to her house. Ishaani give sweet to evrybody except baa telling her that she cant have sweet. Baa gets upset. Ranveer noticed it and come to her and give sweet which ishaani have given to him. Baa denies it but ranveer says that one sweet never make her get sick; but make her to be happy; happiness only make her to live long. Baa get sweet from him). Baa tells ishaani ranveer may not be her blood but she always see him as her own grandson. Ishaani smiles and make her eat laddu with her hand. She go to her room; thinks about ranveer and sleep with her cute smile.

Precap : Ranveer proposes ishaani and she slaps him.

Guys I like kkb also… so I included them… pls pls comment guys… and don’t lose hope by precap. I too always want to see their happy things and love. So trust me… keep reading my ff…. don’t forget to comment… pls comment

Credit to: Julina

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  1. Hey its really good..incredible..awesome..can you check out “music sheet” by bella..hope you will like it..bye .love you

  2. pleaae dont attch kkb .it should be a fresh ishveer story.

  3. Julina its amazing the conversation between baa ishani & ranveer was very cute keep writing like this?

  4. Awesome yaar,,,really superb,,

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice episode julina dr but precap is hurting me.

    1. sana dr wt hpnd to keerthiz ff..i dint found any furthr epiz aftr 17th epi..any idea..juz luv her ff..♥

  6. Tnk u guys…. me too aruhi… don’t lose hope sana …. even typing those lines hurted me a lot… I’m also the great fan of ishveer love… wait for it guys… no sabuj roy… actually there is a need for lovely role of ranveer sister… she helps in their love a lot…. only showing her supporting character is not nice no… so I have to make her one of the lead role…. but I’m 100 percent sure that ishveer love scenes are the main part…. if many don’t like it means I’ll make her out of story… and today I showed u the love to ishveer by others…. like baa his father… today many consider it as boring I think… wait for tomorrow crispy episode… don’t lose hope by precap… pls… pls comment guys


    Good one dear…..loved the episode not just a part…..amazing dear…….

    1. Not just a part… It means….. I couldn’t understand…..

  8. Awesome epi dr…
    loved the ishveer scenes…!!

  9. Wow superb dr u r just awesome ..i like tis very much dr keep rocking dr

  10. Is evryone ok with Pragya entrance… if no …. I’ll change

    1.’s fine but we want more ishveer scenes than abhigya scenes ??

  11. Hey Julian I’m a silent reader of u r fan fiction this episode is so nice

  12. Ayana madhavan

    Pls dont add kkb dr….otherwise its power pack ff…

  13. Till now pragya character is ok because every story line needs some positive and negative characters both. Even I also like kkb but pls include ishani’s cousions also for some comedy cute scenes they will definetly help you in you way of writing.?

  14. Nice , please post the next epi..?❤

  15. Guys… pls comment… whether I’ve to proceed it or not….

  16. IshuRV(Pranjali loves Ishveer)

    julina I would not like to have pragya in this ff . you can take gauri(ishani’s elder sis in matsh) or disha(ishani’s younger sis in matsh) or sanaya(shikhar’s gf in matsh) or Ritika instead of pragya. Its my humble request . please please please…. please….. please….. please….. please…. consider my request…….☺☺☺☺

  17. Ishveer fans any1 knws abt keerthi dr..whrz her ff..wt further epiz aftr 17 th epi..missing so mch her ff 🙁 juz luvd her ff ♥♥ tat ws rly osm1♥

  18. I’m really confused whether to add her or not… coz many like this many don’t… see guys… it is ishveer ff… not abhigya… Pragya is only supporting chrctr… like abhi also… you will ishveer scenes 95% nd abhigya scenes 5%…. pls tell whether to add her or not… pls … vyshu sathya neelam raji tanvee dhruva sana shruthi… evrybody… pls comment.. I haven’t write the next episode coz of this confusion…. pls cmt…. I’m a 100% ishveerfan only….

  19. Its better to avoid abigya dr its my openion dr

  20. Okay guys… unfortunately I’ve uploaded today… from next episode I change her name

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