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The episode starts with ranveer asking harshad to choose a good college for him. Ranveer told him that he is his role model since childhood and he always want to become a successful businessmen like him. Harshad become happy hearing this and suggest one good college for him and assures him that if needs any help there is a father here to help his son. Baa also joins harshad. Ranveer says he should leave as it becomes late. Ishaani comes to gate with ranveer. She asks ranveer what’s going on. He looks confused. She corrects herself and asked what going on between you and baa. Ranveer becomes alert and asks her what, pretending to be not understand anything what she said. She says I saw u said something to baa in a silent manner in the hall and asks for reason. He tells yeah I said to baa to give ur ishaani a good glass as her eyes got power and laughs. She got anger in his teasings and heads to leave. Ranveer hold her hand and consoles her that is nothing. Ishaani understand that she can’t get truth from him and decided to ask baa about it. She looks relaxed and ranveer leaves.

Ranveer on his way thinking about incidents happened in ishaani’s home and thinks why he suddenly try to keep physical distance frm ishaani; While he walking thinking about it, a black car with headlight comes near to ranveer then stops. He got shocked and see ishaani with her teasing laugh coming outside the car. She tells the driver that he escaped from losing the job and asks the driver to go home as she wants to talk to ranveer ( Actually guys ishaani asks the driver to drive fast pretend to accident him and warns if he don’t do so she’ll fire him from his job as the driver didn’t want to do so). Still in his shock ranveer asks her has she gone mad and he gets relaxed and laughed along with ishaani thinking about that incident. She hands his phone to him and tells him that he left his mobile in her home and tells him thay they didn’t spend time with each other after schooling so only she sent the driver home. They both smiles.

On her way to ishaani’s home (to drop her) ishaani holds his hand but ranveer try to take his hand frm her. She asks why he is trying to keep distance from her. He said nothing like that and hold her hand but he felt something strange like a shock. He pretends to be acts normal. She praises his course and clg and ask about shikar decision of course. He tell her that shikar's  aim is to become a civil engineer and tells he didnt talk about it to him but thinks he'll join that course for sure. He asks her whether she talk with her papa about her college( ishaani from her childhood want to study mbbs in RMC(top clg for medicine) and she shared this only to ranveer. She tried to get into that clg through merit but in vain. So she planned to convince her father to join there by giving donation). She tells ranveer that her father accepted to join her in that clg. He becomes happy and teases her that she is going to kill many in the name of treatment both starts their fight suddenly it rains.

Ranveer heads to a closed shop prevent him from being drenched. But ishaani stills stands there dancing in the rain. She asks him to join her but he refused. She avoids him and continue her dancing. Suddenly she falls and screams in pain. Ranveer gets woŕried and go there and give his hand to make her stand asking is she still feel paining.( tum hi ho plays) suddenly she pushes ranveer down and asks him how's her prank to make him drenched. Ranveer at first get angry but laughs after thinking about her craziness. He also joins her and they both played in rain.

Precap : When ranveer comes to his home he gets shocked to see someone.

Credit to: Julina

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