Hi guys… tnk u sooo much for ur support… as many asked me to run it fast…. I’ll try…. tnks again…. as my title itself it says first we’ll see ishveer frndship then only their love… don’t lose hope… there will be more romantic love scenes after their reunion… wait for it guys… pls cmt about any queries….

The episode starts with students coming to the classes. Ranveer and shikar act pretending to be releaved from stomach pain. After evrybdy came the class starts. Ranveer notices the new girl sitting in the front row from her bag only he ate cake. In his naughtiest way he try to see her face but in vain. After few minutes she screams that her skirt is stained by the chocolate cake cream and complains that somebody has eaten her chocolate cake by cutting with a scale and kept it in her seat. The teacher notices ranveer name written on that scale. (ISHVEER FIRST MEETING )Ishaani turns to see who is that ranveer. She angrily looks him. The teacher sent ranveer out as a punishment for stealing food. When ishaani comes to classroom after cleaning her skirt in washroom she noticed ranveer standing outside the class and approaches him. Both shared their cute angry look on each other. She asks him don’t he feel shy to steal her piece of cake. Ranveer with his cute anger tone he corrected that he took half the piece only and told her that he don’t have mother to cook like that. She leaves without saying anything towards the class. She turns back and tell him that u don’t need such scale anymore to share any food as she’ll bring food for him also hereafter. She forwards the hand and ask frnds??? Ranveer accpets it by forwarding his hand also. They share some special hanshake ( frnds used to do in their childhood).


After that day they became best friends and share everything with each other. Ranveer used to come along with her to her home to drop then only he leaves to his home. Shikar is also their friend but not that much close. Ishaani’s father (Harshad) is a top businessman in that city and lived with his wife(falguni) and mother(baa). Ranveer and shikar are from middle class family. They all finished their schooling.

Ranvèer with his handsome and charming to ishaani’s house ask for her. Servant ask him to sit in the sofa and tells him he’ll inform her. He was sitting absentminded and suddenly somebody pours cup of water on him. He was shocked and turns to see gorgeous ishaani laughing behind him. She teases him why he was daydreaming and ranveer comes to concious and try to catch her. He finally catched her and pours the water from the glass on her (glass of water is kept for ranveer to drink). But he removes his hand from her soon as he felt something strange when he touches her.Falguni watches them playing and comes there to serve ranveer snack. She told them that they are still beahving like the children and orders the servant to get towel for them. While they drying their hair harshad and baa came there smiling. (Everybody in ishaani family likes him mainly baa. She treates him as his own grandson). He took the blessings from them. Everybody sits. Ranveer winks at baa and points her to the flower pot in the hall. Baa assured him with her action. Ishaani notices their behaviour and doubts.

Precap : ranveer and ishaani playing in the rain.

Guys here I don’t include ishaani cousins as they are not needed now and I may include them later. In Matsh I like when baa treating ranveer as his grandson after ishveer reunion. So here baa is always has positive role. If u want to suggest pls comment guys. I need ur support.pls pls cmt.

Credit to: Julina

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  1. Pls cmt any queries guys….

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    Ur ff was fantabulous..keep it up….mind blowing

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    precap : Amazing … cant wait for that …

  4. Its nice julina but I think you should enter a person in inshani’s family who doesn’t like ranveer as he belongs to middle class family but after some time ?

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Very nice.l also like Baa treating Ranvi as her grandson.thank u.waiting for next.

  6. awesome jline very nice after reading this missing MATSH really and our ishveer glad to see them here. thanks…..

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    Oooo wow dear….what a cute episode……just awesome…..loved ishveer fight……

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  17. It is like revolution 2020 novel by chetan bhagat…is not it???

  18. Tnks guys… no prit… only intro part… rest differs in storyline….

  19. Guys this story is totally different from the revolution 2020 …… Revolution 2020 is the dumbest story!! This is far far better one?! Please continue Juliana!

  20. tnk u soooo much niana…. yeah guys that is full of politics things…. how can i include that story in the pure love story like matsh…. pls understand guys…. IT IS NOT THE SAME STORY….

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