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The episode starts with ishaani along with Pragya and shikar enters the hall where every batches, profs, dean, each and everybody of that college was there. Freshers were asked to occupy the seats in first 5 rows. Ishaani, Pragya and shikar occupied the seats in 5th row. The first day ceremony starts with some prayers, songs. The dean of the college come to the Mike and tells about the rules and regulations of the college. Ishaani tensed on noticing rushab and his gang( vansh and his frnds) enters the hall and stand beside the stage. Rushab also notices ishaani and smiles. She smiles back at him. Pragya asks ishaani who is that guy in the gang( as she has not see him yet). At the time dean introduces rushab as the student chairman of the college and vansh as student vice chairman. Ishaani shocked and see rushab going to the stage. Pragya asks her again. Ishaani comes to conscious and point him. Rushab give some intro about him as 3rd year and some academic stuffs. He says …I know you guys are terrified seeing the raggings….. don’t be scared…it happen today only…it is just for fun… I too personally hate ragging… sry for those who suffered a lot today( seeing ishaani) . He left. Ishaani and others are also leave to classes.

At ranveer college… abhi got bored listening classes. He slept. Ranveer keenly listen to the lecture. Prof.( not kishore ) watch abhi sleeping. Ranveer gets alert and try to wake him up. But he ignores saying ranveer let me sleep this bald headed man teaching is good enough to make me sleep. I sleep after 6 months in bench. The prof. heared it and shouts and him. He got up. Ranveer place his hand on his head and thinks abhi is dead. The prof shouts at abhi in the bad manner. He remains silent pretending to be deaf. The prof. at the height annoyance ask him to sit. He sit. Ranveer controls his laughter. Class ends. Prof left by giving angry look at abhi. After he left, ranveer bursts out in laugh. He ask abhi how he can speak clear even in sleep. Abhi looks suspicious. Ranveer says you called him as bald headed man. Ranveer again laughs. Abhi asks am I. Ranveer nods. A girl with long hair comes to them and thanked abhi. Both looks confused. She says actually I too almost slept but thank god he saw you and shouts and I escaped. Ranveer again laughs. Abhi says you are welcome. She asks them whather they accept her frndship. Both nods. She introduces herself as rithika.

At ishaani college, during lunch break, they all sitting in the canteen. Ishaani says to Pragya… I must apologize him…. he is good…. I treated him in a strange manner. Pragya nods. She sneezes suddenly. Shikar says to pragya…. whenever you sneeze it remind me about that fat guy sitting in my back. They both laughs… he says… if I see him again I’ll break his large hand…. Ishaani and Pragya signs him to turn back…. but he continues cursing him…. someone place hand in his shoulder…. shikar shocked to see that fat guy standing behind him. He fumes seeing Pragya nd ishaani laughing. The fat guy says I’m John not the fat guy…. shikar consoles him saying I’m talking about some other fat guy in my street not you…. they starts argue. Vansh apologize ishaani saying… sorry I made you tense to the core… Ishaani says it;s okay…, ishaani see rushab coming towards them. He comes to ishaani and says… I’m so sorry… my intention is not like to kiss you… I just see the leaf. ….. Ishaani cuts him saying it’s okay… I understand…

I should say sry to u… I ran away from there… rushab smiles…. that senior gang says them…. no one will tease u hereafter… because no one has the dare to tease the frnds of us…. they all smiles. Ishaani and rushab talk about their family etc.,Meanwhile, Pragya msgs to ranveer saying I become the close frnd of ishaani. Ranveer in the canteen smiles seeing the msg and types no one can replace him and warns her not to reveal her as his sissy.Pragya types bhai dont worry… i will not tell her… but pls reveal it asap. Ranveer sends thumbs up smile. Pragya smiles and types bhai today senior ragged ishaani to kis……She thinks it is not right to say it msg… it is good to say it in person…. she erases and types seniors ragged us… I’ll tell u in detail…. Ranveer become uneasy and types if ishaani is ok…. Pragya smiles and types I’m feeling jealous of ishaani.u don’t even think of me nowadays… it’s ok… Ishaani is fine…. Ranveer smiles seeing her msg… and types… Pragya… I’ll msg u later…

Rithika sees him smiling and ask for reason. He says nothing. Ranveer watches abhi seeing a lady sitting in the nearer table for long time. The lady also notices this but tried to ignore. Ranveer ask abhi what are u doing.
Abhi replied flirting. Rithika throws a angry look at him. Ranveer signs abhi as rithika is there. Abhi says flirting is my hobby… I want every girl to like me. Ranveer says not every girl. Abhi challenges ranveer… I’ll make her to accept to date with me within 10mins. Abhi go to the girl and talks to her ignoring ranveer shouting. Ranveer smiles saying crazy guy.

Rithika ask ranveer about his family and tells about her family too. She says she is the daughter of zaveri one of the great businessman owing many colleges. He ask why do u join here not in ur college. She says yeah I can… but I don’t want to join in college where everybody treat me as a owner’s daughter not as frnd. Ranveer smiles. At once they both shocked to see that lady leaving by giving flying kiss to abhi. Abhi says her bye baby. Abhi comes to them and ask how’s his performance. They both still in shock.

After the college,rithika left in her car. Abhi offers ranveer a lift but he refused. Abhi says if u don’t come with me I will not leave the college. Ranveer accepts saying only today and asks him to drive to the rmc to meet his frnd. Abhi and ranveer drive in the car. Ranveer asks abhi how could you make all the girls fall into your net. He says it is simple… be with me for 1 month you will learn it. Ranveer smiles. Abhi says it is difficult to date a homely girl. I have not tried it yet. Actually I have not seen such a homely girl. Ranveer says it seems you are expecting to marry a homely girl. Abhi says marriage does not suit me. For me only flirting, dating, enjoying that’s it. Ranveer smiles saying definitely you are going to marry a homely girl who will not suit your character. Abhi looks on . Abhi asks who is the frnd you are going to meet. Ranveer replies my childhood friend… I will introduce her. Abhi nods.

Abhi stops the car in front of college and ask ranveer to go. He says he will join him after parking the car. Ranveer accepts and enter the college. He sees ishaani and Pragya and waves them. Ishaani notices it and runs towards him and hug him tightly. Ranveer also hug her.tum hi ho plays…..Pragya coming behind ishaani signs ranveer. He winks at her. Rushab talking with his gang see her hugging ranveer. They break their hug. Pragya comes there. Ishaani introduces Pragya as her friend. Ranveer says hello to her and Pragya also say hi to him. Rushab still seeing them.Ranveer about to say ishaani that Pragya is his sis but Meanwhile ishaani noticed rushab and takes ranveer to the corner excuses Pragya.

Ishaani explains all the incident happened. Ranveer gets woŕried and ask her how dared he to come closer to you. Ishaani explains rushab character to ranveer and says to him… he is good only… Ranveer gets relaxed.rushab still seeing them.

Meanwhile Pragya sits in the table waiting for them. Shikar comes there and says sry I forgor my book in the class… so I want to take that…. where is ishaani…. Pragya says she is talking to her friend there. ( Pragya don’t know shikar and ranveer are friends) . Shikar went.Abhi comes there searching for ranveer but in vain. He saw girl sitting in the bench alone. ( he cannot see her face). He think of flirting with her until ranveer arrival. He come to front to see her face.( abhigya first meeting). Abhi see her thinking… what a homely girl… I’m searching for a girl like u to flirt… Pragya see him and thinks who is thinks joker wearing funny things… why he is looking at me… bhai come fast…. she asks him what do you want. Abhi says you are sooo cute. I have not seen a beauty queen like you. He thinks she is going to fall in my net. But Pragya gets irritated by his talks. She thinks … I don know the route to my house… otherwise I will go… she prays to god… pls make bhai to come fast.

Ranveer and ishaani were talking. Ranveer says thank god you okay now… he thought about his bad feeling in the mrng and thinks it is the reason why he felt bad. Rushab comes there calling ishaani. Ishaani introduces rushab to ranveer and ranveer to rushab. They both shake their hands. Rushab asks about ranveer college family etc. Then he excuses to ranveer saying I want to talk to ishaani privately and drags ishaani from there. Ishaani also confused and go with him seeing ranveer. He drags ishaani to some distance from ranveer. Ranveer fumes seeing them. He become mad. He hit the tree thinking how dare you to take ishaani from me. While I’m talking with her. I’m going to kill you. How dare you to touch my ishaani. He see them talking and gets more angry

Shikar comes behind ranveer and ask how are you… when did you come…. Ranveer get confused and says I only should ask such questions to u. He asks where were you… why you are studying in med college.. shikar explains him everything and says my sim card gets lost that’s why I could not call you. Throughout his explanation ranveer look rushab and ishaani. Ishaani at first looks blank while talking. Meanwhile she smiles at him and talks. He patted her shoulder and smiles. Seeing this ranveer fumes to the core. He atonce thinks what happening to me. Ishaani is just friend… why cannot I bear her presence with someone…. he again gets fumes seeing when they took selfie.

Precap : Ranveer calls ishaani and ask her where is she. She replies she is in Pragya’s house. Ranveer looks on.

I am going to unite ishveer in next 2 episode.Abhigya fans Pls wait for their reunion…Pls comment guys… otherwise I better end it…

Credit to: Julina

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