Unreal Love – Swaragini Chapter 2

“So, you’re gonna marry her ?”

“Eh, I don’t see why not !”

“So, you guys meet today, go shopping for the wedding and then bing bang boom you get married tomorrow.”

“Isn’t it kind of impossible to get married that soon ? I mean what about the rituals and the venue and–”

“Let me stop you right there brother dearest ! It’s going to be a court marriage. So, don’t have expectations of a grand wedding. Hurry up, Lakshya. We have to meet them now.”

“Them ?”

“Oh, yeah ! Her sister will be accompanying her ! But don’t worry, we won’t get in your way *mumbles* please don’t get in our way baby bro, I need some alone time with my girlfriend for once.”


“Swara ! You know I can’t just shop with some random person ! I like taking my own sweet time and–”

“Random person ? He’s your future husband !”

“By force !”

“I wasn’t the one who signed the agreement, so–”

“Ugh, fine ! My husband by choice ! I just hope that he’s not some jerk face, I don’t want to go to jail for murder.”

“Ragu ! You can’t kill him okay ! It was written on the contract ! Both of you can’t cause harm to each other on purpose !”

“Oh, I know. When we get married I’ll juts so I can leave the gas on ‘bymistake’ and then ‘accidentally’ drop a match from the window outside the house while I stand at a safe distance or I could—”

“Stop right there young lady ! I can’t expect you to love him, but atleast be kind to him, okay ? Be yourself Ragu !”

“Those statements are both contradicting in nature !”

“Oh shush ! You’re really nice to random people ! Be nice to him as well, please ? You don’t want your sister to lose her job, do you ? *mumbles* There’s no way that Sanskaar would fire me anyway, but you don’t need to know that.”


“Hi ! I’m going to be your cameraman !”

“No shit Sherlock !”

“Stop being mean, Lucky !”
Kunj said as he pouted and Sanskaar just sighed because these two were being incredibly ridiculous right now. Kunj was about to punch Sanskaar in his face, but his gaze shifted to two beautiful women who were walking towards them and his breath hitched. Normally, if someone’s breath hitched when they would see such beautiful women walking towards them, it would be because they were mesmerised, but in Kunj’s case, he was scared to death. He put his hands up in self defence because he was worried that Swara had heard his thoughts from miles away and was going to pry his teeth out for trying to harm her boyfriend.

Ragini was annoyed but tried not to kill random people who just crossed their path. The person who was supposed to be Ragini’s cameraman, just resigned because he got a better offer elsewhere. So, one of Swara’s friends was going to take up the job. It was actually an elaborate plot made my the future Mrs. Swara Maheshwari. She was trying to achieve three goals, all at once. Firstly, she was going to help her sister and future brother in law find love. Next, she was going to marry the love of her life. And finally, she was going to set her best friends up because they would be perfect together. Well, they had been perfect together, but their stupidity got in between and neither of them were able to confess. But, now, she was going to ensue Operation SwaSan, Operation Raglak and Operation Twinj all at once. It was either all or nothing. She would either succeed or fail miserably. But, only time could tell. Right ?

So, I’m really sorry for this extremely short update, but I just wanted to post something since we’re all welcoming 2018 !
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