UNPREDICTABLE- A Story of Two Broken Hearts (Part 2)

Sanskar sat there thinking for some time and then called someone told that person to do something.
(Conversation muted)
SANSKAR(smirking dangerously): now just wait ragini. Your time in this house has come to an end. Let me see how you\’ll escape from me.
He sat up and went to change without noticing a pair of ears that has heard each and every talk of his and went away thinking something in mind.
On the other side, swara reached badi but her mind was still wandering somewhere else. She did not realise when the taxi stopped. The driver was waiting for her to move but when she did not, he got confused and decided to disturb her from her thoughs.
DRIVER: madam…
But swara was so immersed in her thoughs that she did not hear him.
DRIVER(loudly): madam..
SWARA(startled): ye…yes what happened?
DRIVER: we reached…
Swara looked around and found herself in a familiar surrounding.
SWARA:yes.. I\’m sorry…actually I was thinking something and didn\’t realise…
She said that and moved out and took her luggage. She moved towards her house and knocked the door. The door was opened by her mother who got worried seeing her daughter in such a vulnerable state.
SHOMI(worriedly): shona….what happened, why are u……
Seeing her mother, swara could not control herself and hugged her, breaking down in her embrace. Shomi hugged her back and rubbed her back to calm her down.  After few minutes when she felt that her cries have subsided, she brought her inside and made her sit on the sofa.
SHOMI(lovingly): shona…what happened? Why are u crying? U went there to pacify sanskar and prove your love to him, right, then what happened…?
Hearing her again fresh tears came in swara\’s eyes.
SWARA(crying badly): I….I lost…ma….I lost him. He…he doesn\’t want me…he doesn\’t….trust me. I did not sign those div…divorce papers. I want to…to live with him. I…I really love…him.
Shomi didn\’t understand anything about the divorce papers.
SHOMI(confused): divorce?? What are you saying shona? Divorce papers, I don\’t understand anything.
SWARA: ragini…showed the divorce papers…having my…sign ana..and that I have asked for…for 10 crores as alumni. U..u tell ma..why will I do that…u tell him na ma..he..he will listen to u….
(and started crying vigorously)tell na ma u…u will talk to him na??
She couldn\’t see her brave daughter falling apart like this.
SHOMI(wiping swara\’s tears):yes..yes swara I will talk to him now u get up and wash your face. I will bring something for u to eat.
But swara kept on sitting there lifelessly. She shook her to get her attention.
Till then shekhar also came there and listened their talks.
SHOMI(shaking her):shona get up. See u are brave na if you will sit here like this then how will u talk to sanskar and tell her that ragini is lying and u did not sign the divorce papers???
Listening her talking about ragini lying, shekhar got angry on her but got shocked when she said about the divorce papers.
Shomi helped her in getting up and took her to her room.
SHOMI(making her sit on the bed): now u get fresh I\’ll bring food for u.
She went out where shekhar stopped her.
SHEKHAR(angrily): mishti what were u talking about my daughter han??
SHOMI:woh shekhar actually shona….
SHEKHAR(same tone): I am not talking about swara. I am talking about ragini. What were u saying haan that my ragini was lying??
Hearing him she got shocked.
SHOMI(shockingly): but shekhar ragini showed everyone the divorce papers and shona has not signed them and….
SHEKHAR:so whatever ragini is saying might be true. And by the way swara never wanted to give sanskar any chance so she might have signed them and when she realised that she won\’t be able to live in their house to snatch ragini\’s happiness, she is lying.
SHOMI:shekhar what are you saying??? How can u…..
SHEKHAR: I am saying the truth only. Look sharmishtha I am very tired I\’ll go and and change. Till then u arrange the dinner.
He went inside the room and shomi stood there rooted to her place. She then though about swara and to the kitchen. After sometime, shekhar came out and shomi was arranging the plate for swara. She started going to swara but shekhar stopped her.
SHEKHAR: where are you going mishti???
SHOMI: woh swara is inside so…I was going to make her eat.
SHEKHAR: she is not a child mishti…look I want to sleep now so u first serve me and go to her after that. She can come here also and eat if she wants.
She couldn\’t believe his actions but was helpless. She kept back the plate arranged for swara and served him the food. When he finished his food, she took the plate and went to swara and saw her sitting in the same position she left her in with a pale and tear stricken face.
SHOMI:shona get up u didn\’t even change your clothes.
SWARA: I don\’t want to eat anything ma
SHOMI: swara u will get weak and then how will u talk to sanskar? U have my swear go change your clothes and eat.
Swara thought something and went to change. She came back and as shomi was about to make her eat they heard shekhar calling shomi.
SHOMI: I will come after sometime and till then u have to finish this.
Swara unwillingly ate the food and kept the plate in the kitchen. She came back and sat on the floor and again started thinking about sanskar.
SWARA(monologue): I really love u sanskar. Please don\’t leave me I didn\’t sign those papers.
Tears again started rolling from her eyes and drifted in sleep unknowingly.


So thanks to all those who liked the previous part. And those who did not like, please let me know the reason so that I can improve. Hope you like this part as well.

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