Unpredictable life One Shot

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The hot sun rays disturbed my sleep. I opened my tired eyes and saw sheela opening the curtains. I managed myself to get up.

After few minutes, I switched on the laptop while sipping the coffee. As soon as, I logged in, a notification popped out indicating his message.

‘Good morning angel!! Had a sound sleep?’
‘Good morning demon!! not exactly. Still feeling exhausted’
‘Can you guess where I am now?’
‘So you reached Delhi’
‘nope!! You will be shocked to know. I am in Kolkata’
‘yep!! Are you surprised?’
‘well!! I am surprised. What is the reason behind your arrival?’
‘I wanna meet you. can we?’
‘Not at all’
‘Please! Your fans’ request!’
I immersed in my thoughts and brought back by the beep sound, ‘angel, are you there?’
‘hmmm! Okay! we can meet’
‘Wow!! That’s cool. Tomorrow by 4 PM?’
‘okay! Meet you at Sun Shine restaurant near Howrah Bridge. Done?’

Sanskar, my biggest fan, that is how he does address himself often. We connected by my writings. Ten days after I posted my first story, I got an appreciation from him via an e-mail. Our friendship bloomed from that moment. It had been six months. We didn’t see each other yet we shared our thoughts. After few days of interaction, we started to address each other angel and demon. He is my laughter therapist. He knew his boundary that was what I liked in him. He never got into my personals. I was excited as well as worried with his arrival.

Finally, we both were sitting facing each other. He is fair and handsome with deep brown eyes and good physique.
‘you are not that bad, beautiful lady’, he smiled. ‘can I take it as a compliment?’, I raised my eyebrow. We both broke into a laughter. ‘well! That’s your choice’, he said.
‘Hmmm! Why did you want to meet me? any particular reason?’, I asked while sipping the juice. He played with the straw for few seconds then looked at me. His eyes were deeper than I guessed initially.

I spat out the juice, hearing his words, ‘If I say I love you, how will you react?’. ‘you had got to know. By the way, nice joke demon’, I wiped my lips with the tissue while laughing.
‘If I say, it’s not a joke’, he looked serious. I crossed my arms, ‘if I say, I am a pr*stitute’. He looked at me in horror then ‘Are you kidding me, swara?’, smiled and shook his head. ‘I am not kidding you’, my voice was serious. He looked at me in shock, ‘so Ayesha in ‘My broken Dreams’…’. ‘yep! It’s me! that is my life story’, I completed his sentence. The silence spread around us. The image of 16 years old swara flashed in my mind. I closed my eyes, reminiscing.

“After my mother’s death, I was left with only two options. One was this hell which assured my siblings future and the other one was also a hell but better than the former one without any assurance. I valued the other three lives than mine. I chose the former one. I promised that I shouldn’t regret it in future. I killed my dignity, my desires, and my soul then entered into the dark hell. In the initial days, it was really hard. I felt disgusting to see myself in the mirror. I had cried, cried and cried until left with no tears. As time passed, I started to live with the satisfaction that my siblings were living happily. We can’t predict human nature. Can we? When I came to know that for whom I bore these much pain was ashamed of myself. I was shattered. I died for second time. I was depressed. I couldn’t stop myself from helping them after that also. I was in agony for few years. I tried to kill my soulless body. But I couldn’t, I just couldn’t. I wanted to help the ones who also are in the same condition once I was. The little happiness, I got was by the financial help I did for some poor children’s education at that time. Rarely, some people would have behaved nicely. One of them was my regular client. He somewhat respected my feelings. Some nights, we just had talked to each other. I learned many things from him. Again, I learned to laugh. I started to feel that emotions are also flowing into my body other than the red fluid. Due to him, I started to discover the world by internet. I started to open up my mind to the unknown people via the sharp words. I got many people to share my views. One of them is sanskar, my one and only friend who doesn’t expect anything from me and does respect my feelings after that man. Whenever, some feelings beyond the friendship arose in my heart I just discarded it”

My thoughts disturbed by a phone call. After speaking to the caller, I looked at the man and the greediness of being loved by someone, protected by someone, cared by someone again arose in my heart. I took a deep breath, ‘I have to go’, I said and walked passing him but stopped. My eyes welled with tears. He held my wrist. His touch was so gentle.
After, ten years, I was feeling a touch with warmth and affection. I blinked hurriedly and turned. ‘what? Can’t resist my beauty? Do you want me too?’, I devilishly grinned. He stood up and I expected him to leave my hand in shock but he failed me. ‘yep! I want you. I want you for lifetime. I love you, your heart and soul. I …’.

I released my hand from his grip and ran from there. Unknowingly, the tears fell from my eyes. He shouted my name and ran behind me. At last, he caught me. We were standing on the Howrah Bridge. He wiped away my tears. His face was glowing due to the twilight.

‘Will you allow me to brighten your dark life with colors? Will you allow me to protect you from the evils? Will you allow me to care for you? Will you allow me to shower love on you? Will you allow me to stand by you in difficulties? Will you allow me to take your responsibility? Will you allow me to design a wonderful present and future with you? Will you allow me to grow old with you? Will you allow me to marry you, swara?’, he became teary eyed.

I nodded negatively while tears endlessly flew out of my eyes. He hugged me. The more I resisted the more his grip tightened around me. Finally, I gave up and hugged him back.

Unpredictable life!!


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  1. nice….m

  2. just soooo beautiful…….

  3. just soooo beautiful…….memerized

  4. Wow
    Nice story I loved it..

    1. thank you so much sara, manya, manya, shani and [email protected] for your beautiful words!!!

  5. nice story plzzzzz make for raglak also……

    1. thanks dear, kriya!! i will write raglak os for sure!!!

  6. ur writing is always beautiful………

  7. Wow its lovely Sindhuja…..luved it ???


    1. thank you pooja, nita and anjali for your beautiful words!!!

  9. You could have written a little bigger but even then it was awesome. Awesome. And awesome?

    1. i thought you guys wouldn’t like swara as pr*stitute so i wrote in short. thank you dear!!

  10. Hats off yar……no word truly awesome

    1. thank you, ankita!!

  11. Sree harini(Divya)

    Hello sindhu..* smiles madly* seriously dear nice update and yeah I am going to treat with with what you want…I am really happy now. Till now, I considered that I had noone in my life but God proved it wrong by showing how good my relatives are especially my uncle. I know that they still show differences but the way uncle stppde beside our family in the serious end of my life made me repent..I guess you might have read my comment under my last episode..actually one of my dad’s best friend had filed a case against my dad as fraud and for the first time, I climbed the steps of police station.* shivers* but after great struggle, we managed to prove his innocence but wasnt able to show the true face of his friend. After all this is life right….
    Anyways coming to today’s episode, you again killed it.only swara suffers in your OS dear. Sometimes make sanskar to suffer even.

    1. Sree u know I was very much worried abt u but after seeing this comment I am some what relaxed ……see in some r other way god will definitely help us dear …..ur problem got solved nd I know for dis u will b most happiest but trust me I am as happier infact more happy than u so don’t ever think dat u r alone if u will think like dat then in next moment where ever u r u will feel a slap given my me..’remember’…..nd I hope u will read dis comment

      1. Sree harini(Divya)

        Oh sorry*holding ears* I will never think I am alone and after this incident in my family I really didn’t left with any guts to think because I got my answer. Anyways, I guess your exams start from 3rd March..so keep readingand score the best possible marks. I will be happy if you get 460 out of 470* winks* all the best. Actually few things are to be sorted in my house so I may comment only on few things but once exams are finished we will in regularly in touch.

      2. hey vaishu!!!! how is exam preparation going on? yeah!! it was a big day for me. the god answered our prayers and our friend returned safe and sound. so your exams start from 3rd march. all the best, dear!!

    2. Sree harini(Divya)

      Hi sindhu…yipeeeeee..had just seen your OS on Facebook SWASAN site using my dad’s account. I can’t even express my happiness dear…I really wish that soon you shall become famous there too as you are here and I will be angry on you if you won’t reply * winks*

      1. Sorry for the late reply dear!! network problem! don’t worry, everything will be fine. Oops! Sorry! next time for sure, I will buy something for you. prepare well for your exams dear!! don’t worry about other stuffs.

    3. Hey dear I was really worried after your comment on Last update and happy to see you here. ..I commented there also don’t know if u get it or not but I wish all the best for you and hope you will come back here with ur new writing ?

      1. Sree harini(Divya)

        Hey shabrin! Thanks dear but sorry as I really didn’t had that time to check the comments but seriously thank-you so much for your support dear. At present, my brain is really not working at all as still it is living in past but yeah I will try to write.

    4. you idiot, teju!! *big tight hug. tears* you know how i felt while reading your previous comment. I read the comment again and again till the reality struck me. I was cried and cried. how could you think you are alone? we will always be with you. when i saw your this comment, I was numb for a moment. i re-read the name to ensure myself. God fulfilled my wish. yipeeee!!! *dancing* dad is fine? thank god!! your relatives stood by your side. don’t worry!! the one who did bad deeds will surely be punished by God in some way. I, myself don’t know why i make swara suffer. I will make him too *winks* just reached home after shopping *eeee* i couldn’t express my happiness. you are back!!! wow!!!! love you teju!!!!! missed you so so so infinity so much!!!

      1. Sree harini(Divya)

        A very bone crushing hug to you too…I can’t even say my happiness now. Seriously at that moment, only one thing was running in my mind..what if my dad gets arrested and what would be our rest of life as he is the only source of income…I really thought that my life came to an end and once again history is going to repeat but I will be in my dad’s place….anyways,leave all those now. I am trying to become normal and yeah my dad is fine but still depressed for his friend’s betrayal…. Shopping!! What did you bring for me?*puppy eyes*…good night!! Good night vaishu

    5. I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about here….But I can guess the gist of it!! I am glad that ur problem is solved Sree….You are lucky to have friends like sindhuja and Vaishu who care about you so much!!!

  12. sindhuja superb yaar…..i dnt have words to explain ur an awesome writer…..i m a great fan of u sindhuja…..seriously al ur works ar fabulous….ur a gifted person…..write more no of os dear……i have to search words to describe u…..love ur writing a lot…..dnt stop it dr…..seriously by seeing d name f d os itself i guessed dat it s ur writing…..bt when i saw ur name i was happy…..thanks 4 entertaining us like this….

    1. thank you dear!! you are my friend not fan! remember it, okay? glad to know that you like my writings!! sure dear! i will entertain u guys!

  13. It was touching n nice sinduja

    1. thanks, dev!!!

  14. wow..u r such a grt writer..i mean ur imaginations are just awesome..i just read another one shot of urs..where swara dies nd sankar names his adopted daughter myra…i was literally crying..nd when my mom asked me y..i was unable to answer..i somehow suppressed the sob…u r incredible..super ..mind blowing…don’t have words actually..

    1. whoo!!! sorry for making you cry!! glad to know you like my write ups!!

  15. Sindhu awsomr super dr

    1. thanks riya and maya for your comments!!!

  16. Wow nice sindhu.. I thought how to contact u after sree’s ff but now came d way like dis write ff also dear…..after many days saw sree’s comment felt relaxed

  17. u r such a great writer sindhuja…
    the idea was amazing n super intresting…..
    cant ressist reading again…..
    bt seriously u r an amazing writer…
    luvd swara’s character……
    thanks a lot dear fr updating…

    1. thank you, janvi!! overwhelmed with your words!!

  18. Again title indicate the writer owsum dear ur os is in such a classy manner keep writing n entertaining us by ur brilliant skills thanks for such a os n plz update I dreamed a dream

    1. thank you so much dear!!! honored by your words! will try to update the ff soon!!

  19. nice…

    1. thanks, darsh!!

  20. Oh u r awsome Dr.there r many one shots here so read one by one..such an amazing writer yaar.ur one shots r superb.previous Ff of swara that she died due to cancer one of my fav…Thank u for this one..keep writing.

    1. Thank you so much, sethooty!!! i am glad to know it.

    1. thanks, shabrin!!!

  21. You are such a awsum writer… i don’t have words to appreciate you… I have also read ur My crazy girl one shot nd one more …nd these both were equally awsum as this one…

    1. thank you, ruchi!!

  22. Nyc attempt ?
    Super dear ?

    1. thanks dear!!

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