Unlucky to Have UH ! season 2! SwaSan SS

Unlucky_to_have_uh Season_2

in hospital a family is seen crying outside the operation theatre …….

a women is crying badly while whole family was consoling her althrough they r also broken!

women’s pov

why god? why always me? why always my family?whenevr i got happiness a ray of hope… uh always snatch all happiness with us in nano seconds… r we nt humans? do we dont deserve to be happy? fine dont give us happiness!! i m nt even asking uh but atleast let us live the way we r living! we will make tht only our happiness! but no uh r nt even intrested leting us live on our own! if uh want to do something na then do with me! why with my family? my world? my life?….plzz plzz save my life! take my breath but dont let anything happen to my family!!

POV over!!


other scene……..

A man is roaming around whole the office happily! like life has give him everything! every happiness!

Man’s Pov!!

yoooo! i loveeeee uh god! uh r best! uh have given me every thing! my happiness! now i have got everything in my life! i dont need anything! rgt now i m feeling the most luckiest person of this world! the thing which i m longing from finally i get it! now i cant wait to go nd see them which will give me peace! now i will tell her (smirks) tht who i m!……i will finally able to live my peacefully nd happily!

pov over

thinking so he drives over to his home.. where outside name plate is of MAHESHWARI MaNTION!


tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! here i comes with season 2 of my fav ss unlucky to have uh!

it is nt at linked with season 1!

the theme will be same but storyline will be cmpletly diffrent!

nd one more it is purely based on one couple nd there children *point to be noted* ITS CHILDREN….. maybe 2 or 3! uh tell me tht uh 2 children or 3 *wink*… but seriously i m asking *SERIOUS FACE*………

nd lets jump on season 1! i knw uh want epilogue of season 1 but sorry there will be no epilogue as i already said sanskar will never get his daughter love he will suffer whole life! but he will be happy to see ASHI happy!

nd one more thing in season1 there was no SANskar ashi scene (SANSHI) but in this uh will get many scenes nd even of swara ashi! not only tht there will be swasan ansh scene also (ANSh swasan bby boy) nd third child uh have to tell me uh want or nt!…

now who will hate whom! who is unlucky! ansh or ashi? swara or sanskar? everything will revealed later! in part 2!

i forget to ask uh one thing! do uh want episode in POV or dialogue!



  1. CrazyGirlz


    |Registered Member

    Awesome .. I loved season 1, waiting for ur update. According to me, dialogues are better than POV. Nd yeah I do want 3rd child 😝

    • Anu



      Thank uh.. ND thanks for suggestion ND liking my story!! But we’re uh silent reader of season 1?? It’s ok if uh were! Thank you than also😊

    • Anu



      Sure dear.. thanks for suggestions!! Will try my best to not disappoint uh!!😊😊

  2. ankita Gaude

    I think saskar ko ashi ka pyaar milna chahiye I know he did wrong but he was in guilty pyaar se kisi ka b pyaar paya ja sakta hai…….. Mai isse liye keh rahi hu q ki I saw in real…..my neabour story…… Rest your views

    • Anu



      Thanks dear.. I agree with uh!! But still sanskar mistake was not less… Seriously I m not Mahan type person to forgive all the Injustice.. nor I want swarashi to be like that..
      That’s why I made this😊😊

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