unlucky to have uh…(part 3) realization


hey guys!!..back with 3rd part



recap- Sanskar rude behaviour toward ashi…sanskar slap ashi..nd swasan fight..swara’s decision…


Tears fell from swara’s eyes…seeing her daughter sobbing…

swra(weeping)- ashi!! my baby..kya hua..uh r mumma’s strong bacha na….dont cry like this my child..its hurts mumma…

ashi(sobbing)- mu…mmaa…gal..galti se hua tha…..but un..cle beat me…..i..i dont like…..him..he was also..oo..shouting at uh…he..he is very bad…but mumma uh dont cry…your ashi cant see uh crying (while wiping swara’s tear..)..

swara- na..mumma will not cry…nd mumma’s baby will also not cry..(she wipes ashi’s tear)….acha tell what uh want to eat?? umm…chocolate?? pizza?? ice cream?? tell na what uh want to have…bolo

swara carreses her face.

ashi(weeping)- aaaa mumma..

swara- kya hua bacha…

ashi- mumma…pain hui yha (shows her cheeks)

swara get teary eyes..seeing her daughter in pain….her cheeks was red nd finger prints can seen cleary with some marks indicating how tightly sanskar has slap her…..

swara- meri bachi!! bahut pain horha h na!! come mumma medicine lgayengi….nd your pain will be go away..chuuu (swara do action like the pain will run away)..

ashi laughs seeing swara…forgetting her pain…


on other side..

sanskar reaches park…nd was hell angry…..he tries to calm himself….. whenever he is angry..he comes to park to freshen his mood…

he was sitting on bench..when he notice a small girl (almost of ashi age) crying…he again get furious……

sanskar(monologue)- uff at house..uski chik chik..nd here this girl…..is there any place on earth where i can sit peacefully??….

his thughts break when that litlle girl come to him..

girl(crying)- uncle uncle have uh seen my papppaa??

sanskar somehow control his anger nd replies..

sanskar- nhi dekha!! he must be irritated with uh thats why he leave uh here…waise bhi which father will keep uh girls at home..i wish i could also do the same…but my bad luck..

the girl doesnt understand anything…
girl- uncle means??
sanskar(extra sweet wala dikhawa)- means yeh beta i dont know where is your father..nor i m intrested to know…now go!!..

girl again starts crying when she suddenly notice her father..
girl- papaaaaaaaaaaaaa…pappppppppppaaaa
she runs toward him..

sanskar- oh god..uh didnt help me in this..but atleast help this man na…see he has leave her here but this girl has seen him..make him free from this girl na…

sanskar thoughts broke with the voice of girl’father..

girl’father(teary eyes)- piyaaa…piya..my bacha..where were uh..uh know how mch papa was tensed for uh….my baby..never leave my hand..nd now stop crying papa is there na…chalo..see papa brought chocolate for uh..take my baby(kisses her cheeks)..

sanskar was observing them..observing a father daughter bond which he never shared…

sanskar leaves from there…but only this thing is rotating in his mind..A FATHER AND DAUGHTER BOND…


swara bring ice pack for ashi..nd put on ashi cheek…

tears were rolling from swara cheek by seeing her daughter state..

ashi- mummmaaaa…

swara- hmmm

ashi- mumma

swara- ha ashi

ashi- mumma..

swara- ha speak na ashi..

ashi- mummaaaa..

swara- uff kya h ashi…

ashi(pouts)- mumma why r uh scolding me…i will complain to papa.

swara- huh!! when did i scold uh….

ashi- no no i said na uh scold me..that means uh scold me….give me ice cream otherwise i will complain to papa……

swra(wide eyes)- oh…so uh want icecream……thats why all this drama!!.. abhi btati hu ruko..

swara tickles ashi nd ashi laughs….

ashi(laughing)- aaiiii mumma sry!! mumma..i will not do again…pkkka..plz stop..

swara- that will bbe better..chlo now sleep….

swara make ashi sleep.. nd then put ointment on her face nd leaves


sanskar is in office doing some work in his lappy but again nd again ashi’s face is coming in his mind….nd that father daughter convo in park

sanskar- uff sanskar concentrate on your work…..why r uh thinking about them..just concentrate…

he calls his PA..

sanskar- ajay..when mr.malhotra will come….its already 5…he was about to come at 3 na…how irrespnsible behaviour….if this project was not imp. for both of this then i would have never deal with him…..

ajay- sir actually (he get a call..after the min.) sir he has come…..

sanskar(rudely)- very gud..finally he come…is it a jogging park whenevr he want he will come…

ajay- sir dont be angry plzzz…this deal is imp. we will get lot of profit…dont lose this deal because of your anger..

sanskar(angrily)- who r uh to teach me?? what should i do or not..uh r a servant..nd i m boss…just keep quite…

ajay- sorry sir (head down)..

sanskar- leave from here…

ajay leave nd mr. malhotra enter…

mr malhotra- hello mr. maheshwari….. i m really sorry for being late…

sanskar- (shake hand) well!! but its is really unproffesional…..arjun…i know we are friends..but i dont like to mix my personal nd profeesional life..i hope uh understand

mr. malhotra- ya i know sanskar..but actually some personal problem..has occur……actually my daughter was ill……nd for me she is more imp than a buissness deal….uh can understand my psition na…uh r also a father of a daughter…..btw how is she..what her name..whats her age..

sanskar was speechless because he..really dont know that whats his daughter name/age?

sanskar- aa…ab..arjun woh actually…mm

arjun- what happen sanskar…btana…

sanskar(changes topic)- ab..what uh have to do with her age…..uh tell me….how is bhabhi nd your daughter…btw DAUGHTER ?? uh want a SON na? ooo destiny…haha..uh have really bad luck in college also..nd now also..daughter haha..

arjun- haha sanskar but not now…i am very lucky nd proud to be a father of a daughter….i was stupid to think that a son is better than a daughter..actually not only I infect all mans aare stupid to think sons are better than a daughter…really saying if uh didnt have a daughter or daughter’s love than nobody can be more unlucky than uh…..she is not only my daughter she is my life…..uh know it feels amazing when i return home fully tired nd my pihu ( his daughter) come runing nd hug me while calling daddd daddd..the whole day tiredness vanish with a single hug!! uh know when ever i brought a choclate nd she smiles…i feel i have got million dollor..i m most richest person in this world…..daughters are not burden they are the happinnes…of your life…..in films tv we must have hear this dialogue ” A SON IS A SON TILL HE GETS A WIFE BUT A DAUGHTER IS A DAUGHTER ALL HER LIFE”….uh will not understand this meaning now..uh will understand when uh will get a daughter..see yourself nd your wife as a example..uh will understand…uh know earlier i was very upset when she was born..even i didnt see her….but thanks to god i realize on correct time…when i took her..see her..spend time with her..i understand she is my child nd i m …ya i m a FATHER…..i have become a FATHER….i was very much happy…..her sweet nd innocent eyes..take away my hatred…when she was not born i was happy in my life..but now my happinness besides in her..i have no complain….when she get hurt tears make way from my eyes!! i love her…i m very happy.. very happy….but those mans who didnt have there daughter’love i feel bad for them…DAUGHTER ARE BLESSINGS TO EVERY PARENTS…. anyways leave..kuch zyada hi lamba leacture hogya na..hehe! :p sorry ha….

sanskar was having unknown tears in his eyes!!!

sanskar- acha chalo i have to leave now nd the metting has posponed till tomoroow because of your late arrival…now plz come on time tomoroww!!

arjun- ha sure sure..


sanskar leaves from office..he was driving…but today’s incident is only revolving in his mind….how he hate ashi….the park incident nd arjun talks..

tears are forming in his eyes…..remembering his behaviour…swara crying face….is coming in his mind..

he reaches home….

he sees ashi playing while entering..first time he notice ashi…he stops there only observing ashi…he notice her innoocence,her sweet smile which can melt any1 heart…she is trying to pick ball with her tiny hands..he smiles seeing her…..this was the first time he noticed her..he was cursing himself for not playing with her..for scolding her…..he just want to hug her…when he notice ashi’happinnes which can cleary see on her face..nd her gaze of toward him!! she shout papa…..

sanskar feels so happy when he hears papa from her mouth assuming that she is calling him!!

ashi- papaaaaa…pppaaaaa aagye…mummmaaa…papppa aaeee(she runs toward him)

sanskar was about to sit down..to hug her……but he notice laksh standing beside him nd have take ashi in his arms..

he realize that the word “PAPA” is not for him…he is not her papa..it is laksh….

his eyes are moist……

suddenly he notice swar..he wants to hug her….wants to ask sorry from her……he want to listen her voice…he wants to talk to her….he wants to sleep in her embrace……

swara(ignoring sanskar)- ashi come down nd go inside..let laksh eat something na he is tired….ashi hugs him more tightly…

laksh- aau nhi jana..mat jao…serve me food here only we both will eat together…right na asshhuuuuuuu….(he kisses her cheeks)…

ashi laughs nd nods in yes….

swara- hhhhh!! faltu me hasne ki aadat nhi janegi iss ashi ki….bewakoof…:p

swara was serving tea nd snacks to them…when she notice kavya coming with a woman nd a girl child…seeing the women her face lits up……

swara(happily)- RAGINI.(the women was ragini nd the girl was her daughter)..uh here..when

***** ragini is swara sister…married to kartik nd have a daughter*****

kavya- haa actually in market we both have collide then i brought her here….

swara- acha kra..aana ragini..

trio were involved in talks…whereas ashi befriends ragini daughter shikha…both were playing…

ashi-oooo uh dont go to school….soo bad…..

all were looking at them..

sikha- no no..i dont like to gooo..its is bad…

ashi- offo tumhe nhi pta schul jana achi baat hoti h..good bache schul jate h..padhai bahut achi hota h….school jana bahut zarrori hai..thek h kal se jana

sikha- na i dont like….

ashi- uffo gud childs zid nhi krte..school jate h..

sikha- i m also good child..i will also go to school…..

swara- acha ashi….study itni imp. hoto h..school jana itna acha hota h toh aap kyu nhi jate..huh!

ashi- offo mumma aap bhi kitni bhudhu ho..maine apko btaya toh tha…ki agar mein school jaungi toh mein roungi..issliye nhi jati…ab aap hume disturb mat kro..hume khelne do….

sanskar is laughing slowly kistening her talks….


after some time ragini nd sikha leave!!

sanskar was in rrom..remembering ashi

sanskar pov

what i have done!! she is my daughter..what i have done..oo god i have always accuse her…but whats her mistake…she is my daughter..my child..i m a father..father of ashi…but..i…today on my place laksh is standing…..instead of hugging me ashi is hugging laksh….intead of complaining me ashi is complaining laksh..instead of calling me as papa…ashi is calling laksh as papa..how can i..do this…swraa…what was her mistake..i destroyed my life with my hand….my duaghter..mera bachaa (he breaks down)…….

pov end

he notice ashi…nd was looking at her only while cying



PRECAP- Surprise….

ahha..guess the surprise…nd one who will guess correct will get babaji ka thulluu :p…..acha jo chaiye woh milega..

nd next part what uh want tell me….nd sorry i know this part is not at all gud…i have just finished it somehow..really sorry for this



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  1. Simin

    Dear its amazing
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      thank uh!! btw mein sorry kyu bolu…sanku bolega lekin mafi nhi milegi! hehe

    2. Simin

      I was telling about him only ki he should apologise not u

      1. Anu

        hehe! i know..i was just kidding dear

  2. Meher

    Tere chakkr me mujhe sone me der ho gai.. tera ff dikha to socha padh kr he sou nhi to neend ni ayegi..

    Ek kaam kr sanskar ko thoda or tadpa.. it’s not enough!!

    Baki Meher is tired varna or Bata deti..

    1. Anu

      apne kaha toh kbhi nhi krungi sehraaaa dadi……eeeeeeeeeeee….phele ice cream aur pizza do phir krungi..mein bina rishwat k kaam nhi krti!!

  3. Nice epi

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    Sanskaarr, how could you!

  5. Very nice

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    Hey yaar it is 2 gud, at last sanskar realize his mistake

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    Awesome…..better late than never. Chalo acha hai….atleast now he realised. Precap……will ashi go and wipe his tears?

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  11. Arshaanya

    Loved it

  12. loved it u have beautifully describe father and daughter bond

    1. Anu

      thanks alot adi….it means alot for me

  13. Simi

    Atlast sanskar understood his mistake

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      thanks…nd dont worry he will pay for his deeds…..btw i m not anu…uts samaira or uh can say sammy!!

  15. Ahhhhh …finally he realised….bt plz make him suffer lil more 2 saal ki saza toh mili chahiye na …..

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