Unloved (Epi 1)


Hello guys! Thank you all for accepting me and my ff! I’ll try my level best to keep it up to your expectations! Also, the leading pair would be SwaSan. Keep reading! 

Prologue: Here


He stepped out of the car, his bodyguards following him, maintaining a few metres distance, holding guns in case of emergency. Making his way inside the office Sanskar didn’t wait for the secretary to make a call to her boss, seeking permission for the meeting, he simply went inside ,not bothering to knock.
“Oh I see. You haven’t changed your ways. ” Mr. Roy said ,his head immersed into the bunch of papers spread on the desk. His glasses placed lower on his nose, eyes shinning with amusement as he looked at Sanskar.
Without giving him a reply Sanskar sat in the chair, and examined the man sitting before him, while drumming his fingers on the table.
“Ah! Strictly business.” Roy said. Opening a few drawers, he took out a file and forwarded it to Sanskar.
“Here , every bit of information as you had asked for, nicely tagged in the file.” Roy said.
Sanskar took the file in his hand, looked at it with an emotionless face.
“She has already lost the firm to your company. Since the house she is living in was under mortgage , the bank decided organizing a bidding would serve the purpose. ” Roy explained.
Sanskar kept looking at the file, why would he not, it was the key which would lead him back to her, for his revenge. Five long years, he had waited for getting this opportunity to get back to her, a long time taken by him for reaching such great heights, before he showed his face to her.
” Thank you Mr. Roy.” Sanskar stood up, reaching out to him, he shook his hands.
“I was doing my job, sir.” Roy said merrily.
Sanskar left his office. Clutching the file in a death grip ,he sauntered on the foyer towards his awaiting car. The car drove, keeping the file on the seat, he looked out of the window. Small, cosy houses passed by, children running around squealing with parents keeping an eye on them while moving behind hand in hand. Couples sharing an ice cream cone, smiling at each other with love shining in those eyes.
He looked away, not able to stand such love between them. His heart ached remembering his past days when he was a simple poor guy earning in her father’s company. He was an orphan. His parents had died in a car accident. Having no other relative, he had to make his own living. A hard working person he was! He met her in his owner’s firm, he got the job of maintaining accounts in her father’s company as he was good in numbers.
A relationship which started from friendship converted into love within a short span of time. She was the most gorgeous girl he had ever laid eyes on. He remembered the first time he had seen her, how could he not, he had made a fool of himself by gawking at her openly, till his co worker had to come to tell him to close his open mouth.
He laughed cynically remembering those beautiful days spent in her arms while sitting under the shade of tree, her hands caressing his hair, his head in her lap and his eyes closed. His life was happy with days spent with her but everything came crashing down when she had left him alone standing at the altar, waiting for her arrival. His heart got crushed with her betrayal when she married her best friend Sahil but him.
He was a fool to love her. She made her choice of leaving him five years ago by sending him a letter on the day which was suppose to be their wedding day. He had not read the letter, instead kept it safely as a reminder of her betrayal in his home back in Mumbai. Reminiscing those days brought a bittersweet taste on his tongue.
In a way he was thankful to her as he would have never reached such great heights if she had not left him. He had lived in poverty when he was a child, graced it with open arms, but now things had changed. He had acquired a well known name now, reputation of a highly shrewd business tycoon, a filthy rich bachelor.

“Sir, we are here.” his driver called him. Sensing his lack of attention, he called out a bit louder, “Sir, we have reached!”
“Oh, yes.” Sanskar said. Stepping out of the car, clutching the file to his chest, he walked towards a large building stretching over miles of earth. His home.
Looking at the file, he looked up at the sky, silently making plans to ruin her.
“Swara.” He whispered.


Swara covered her ears to stop listening to the bickerings of her unstoppable parents. Her ears ached listening such loud pitch of her mother, yelling at her father to stop smoking. Her father was a heart patient, smoking would kill him. Her father tried hard to get rid of this addiction but sometimes failed.

“Will you shut up? I said I’m sorry!” her father yelled back to her mother.
“No Shekhar! I care for you! You cannot smoke!” her mother reasoned.
Swara was in the kitchen, busy preparing the herbal soup taught by her mother for her father. She knew her parents had an arranged marriage. They didn’t love each other but cared immensely. Atleast it was better than the relationship she had with her husband, Sahil.

Fool she was, for believing his lies. He had claimed that he loved her. After two months of marriage did she learn that he was a complete hypocrite. Himself gone with the ashes, he left her indebted to many people he had borrowed money from. Unable to give them their payments back, she was forced to see the downfall of his company before her eyes. No penny was left in her name. Everything was sold to pay the debt he had taken and of which she had no knowledge about. It was after his death that she got to know about the heavy debt she had to pay. His parents were good ignorant people, they didn’t care about their son’s reckless activities. She was lucky to return home to her parents, but the merger her dad had with her husband’s firm, led to the fall of her dad’s firm too.

Tring tring..

“Pick up the phone, Swara!” yelled her mother from the living room.
“Yes!” hastily she wiped her hands on the towel nearby and rushed to answer the call.
“Hello?” she breathed.
“Yes, may I speak to Mrs. Swara Chatterjee?” the other line spoke.
“Umm.. It’s me.”
“Actually ma’am, I am to inform you that your father’s firm is already sold to the SS group of companies. A recent letter from the bank informed us that even the house you’re living in is under your company’s name. So technically, it now belongs to the SS group of companies.”

Swara’s heart stopped beating. House. No, it can’t be! Her father had built it with his hard work.
“N-no! You’re wrong. It.. It can’t be!” She rebuked.
“Sorry ma’am. I am to inform you that you have to vacant it within a week.”
“I-is there any other way to s-stop this?” she asked.
“Nothing I know of, but you can meet our boss, Mr. Sanskar Sahay, and discuss about your problems.”
“S-Sanskar?” she whispered. Her heart started beating faster upon hearing his name. Her breath caught in her throat as she gulped.
“Ah, yes ma’am. He is the owner of this company. I should remind you that he is a very strict man. Though tough, you can try your luck!”

He will never forgive her, she knew. This was a gone case. Sanskar would never listen to her. She had betrayed him and he would never forget that.
“Ma’am, are you there?”
“So are you coming?”
Taking a deep breath she uttered a small “Yes”. She would meet him, only to save her father’s hard work. If she didn’t try to save the house, they’ll be left to beg on the streets.
With the firm sold, this house was their last hope. Her parents would be devastated to know that our house was not ours anymore. But what would shock them more was the name of the new owner. Sanskar..

Keeping the receiver, she marched into the kitchen. Taking the soup, she walked into the living room where her parents were seated, still bickering.
“Here comes the soup!” her mother announced to her father.
“Hell yeah!” he snorted.
“Our house is not ours anymore.” Swara spoke softly.
Instantly the bickering stopped, and an eerie silence engulfed the entire room.
“What do you mean, Swara?” Shekhar asked.
She looked at them, took a deep breath and narrated everything, dreading their outburst.
“Who?” her mother asked.
This was the only question she dreaded the most. Her parents had always hated Sanskar to guts.
“It’s Sanskar..” she whispered almost inaudibly, though she knew they heard it.
“That piece of shit now claims to be the owner of our house! How?” Shekhar roared.
“Shekhar, calm down!”
“How can I? You won’t go to meet him!” he spoke pointing finger at her.
“Papa, he’s the owner of SS group of companies. He now owns our firm as well as our house!”
After a moment of silence, her mother spoke,
“She will. She has to go otherwise our house.. This is what is all left to us. We have no other way!”
“No, why will she?”
“She has to, Shekhar! We don’t have enough money! Our accounts have been seized. We don’t have any other choice! She has to go and talk to him!”

Although correct, but hearing it coming out of her mother, Swara felt anger rise within herself. She knew her mother didn’t love her enough, but how could she so easily say of sending her to him? When she was dating Sanskar, she had always protested of him, and now..

“I’ll go and try to persuade him to let us live in the house.” Swara said, trying to convince her angry father for this aa arrangement. Though not heartily, but he agreed.

She excused herself and went to her small room upstairs. What would Sanskar get doing all this? How will she face him? Five years ago he loved her, and so did she. But now, she didn’t know where she stood. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks. She hoped he would listen to her reasons and let her father keep the house.

He was a billionaire now. He could get whatever he wanted in a flick. Surely this small house would mean nothing to him, but to her, it was all she was left with. She prayed he would leave her house. She was happy for him, she had read a number of magazines announcing him to be in the top ten list of billionaires. She hoped he would leave her alone just like he had done five years ago.

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    another request
    add a tag of swasan to ur story’s title
    it will be easy to find ur ff among the 100 ffs
    sorry if i hurt u

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