the unknown truth…Episode 7

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part 7


I found a group photo and shocked to see it….

here goes…

I saw a group photo. . probably a group photo… of a couple with three children. I returned to Mahi. I saw him snoring. I pinched him and he woke with a jerk. again he started to lecture me how to wake people blah blah…

“oi! look at this… any guess?”

” heh.. this is Mr and Mrs Vincent. this is Sam… this is yash… and who is this girl?”

I stared at him with no idea.

“Mahi, I think it is Anita Vincent”

“but?… I don’t know how… ”

“oh… ho… kk.. let’s find out.”

“maha , we got only 5 days more on this island”

“yes… I think we should take a look around this place.”

he nodded at me pulled me to sleep. I slept lying on his chest… after all he’s my husband ..

after sometime, we got up and had breakfast. I checked the monitor…. nothing suspicious.

I began to think about what happened since we got there. the unknown voice echoed in my mind.

then I again started to inspect the place… Mahi accompanied me… the walls were dark and eerie. the place was really scary.

“so, maha, what do think about this place?”

“mhm.. its a luxurious scary haunted honeymoon trip”

he smiled at me and hugged me.

the weather was windy like a storm. there might be rain… or no rain..

then we wandered around the place.. and we went out of the mansion.

then I noticed something different. I went to the direction which was strange. it was the same place… the grave yard. my eyes widened… because in my dream I saw my pic… so I checked every tomb. then the last one was same as the one in my dream.

I cleared the weeds and leaves.

I suddenly couldn’t believe what I m seeing… its like my end of life…. I didn’t expect it…

Credit to: ived anura


  1. aadhitya

    wow. . u r back??? missed you so much… thanks for coming back… I loved your story… its awesome… love you sweetheart … <3

  2. bisha

    Hey! Long time no see!! Remember me? Hows your result?!

    Another mysterious and horror wala update. Keep it up!!

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