the unknown truth…Episode 6

hey guys….. today’s 27 Feb. I m sure you’ll know that next Friday is my stupid @%#%#%#%$#@$%# exams. so, I have to prepare for that. but I m glad that once my exam’s completed, I will be happy happy. OK I wont do this “bakbak” again.

“ma…. Mahi… I feel someone near me” I slowly whispered.

“what? oooo kkk. wa… wait. be careful… I will come” he ran to our bag and took the magno meter. as soon as he came close to me, the gadget began to spin proving the presence of a supernatural thing around me.

“who are you? why you are here? we are not here to harm you”

I shouted at the top of my voice. Mahi switched on the sound recorder.

“we are here to help you… I mean you can say what you want. please…”

I requested the unseen member to answer us. then in a few minutes, the magnometer stopped. it means the dark presence has left.

we looked at each other. then we started to play the tape in opposite direction.

“you people will solve the mystery but it may cost your life. the brave one will survive and the coward one loses. destiny expects you to be the players but the real player hasn’t come. the game is started and it will be concluded by you.”

the voice is a mere whisper that we can’t recognise even the gender. we suspected it to me Mr. Vincent.

this creepy encounter made us dumb. then we quickly fixed the cameras and other gadgets. I can see Mahi who is confused.

“Mahi, what are you thinking?”

“I think there’s something here in this mansion, you see, today’s happening? the spirit didn’t say anything about itself but something that is a message. I find it fishy”

“then, let’s call Mr. Sam Vincent here.”

“that’s not a bad idea”

then we were watching the mansion in our monitor. after some time, I saw Mahi sleeping in sitting position. ha hahaha…. his mouth open. I gently closed his mouth. he was so cute while sleeping. then I thought to check every room of the mansion as I m not sleepy. I had a torch in my hand. I walked towards north direction of the house. I then tried to open every locked door with my master key. but no use. finally one door opened. I went in. it was a beautiful one. the walls were pink. of course it was dusty and gloomy. it was like the room had been locked much before the accident. there were photos covered with fully dust. I wiped it gently . what I saw was shocking and surprising me……

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  1. Ur story is really interesting… Continue dear.
    All the best for ur exams..☺☺

  2. awesome

  3. Awesome dude. Plz update regularly b
    Nd all the best 4 ur exams

  4. Awesum epi…wl happily my xams hv strtd already…well…thre r gaps bt frm nxt week d horriblest pprs wl strt..hv to prepare…lol…carry on dude…nd ALL D V BEST FR ur xams…

  5. loved it

  6. Amazing episode dear. All the best for ur exams dear.luv…

  7. really breathtaking to feel a ghost.luv ur wrk.

  8. really breathtaking to feel a ghost.luv ur wrk…..

  9. Nice episode…. . I like it

  10. Nice episode…..
    All the best for your exams….

  11. Hi, awesome episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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