the unknown truth…Episode 4

hey , hello twinkle twinkle little stars…

thanks for your valuable and lovable comments. at least I have five people to read my so called stupid story. I am happy happy. 🙂 :0 🙂

and this “hello” is for you silent readers.

and sorry devga, na ungala remba tension aakiten pola… pls forgive me… 🙁

here’s the story guys….


I woke up from my dream with a sudden jerk. it was the worst nightmare I ever had. and also I m not wearing the coat. I m in my tees. my hubby is sleeping beside me peacefully. how can he kill me?

next day..

“Mahi, come let’s go. first day over. only we have six days.”

“but maha, I wanna check this ship? how can it be here? whom does this ship belongs to?”

“its simple Mahi, go to the deck, search for it”

I winked at him. we both tried different ways to find the deck. at last we found it. I checked at the boxes, shelves and cupboards.. and I found a file.

“Mahi, this ship is registered for Sam Vincent.”

“Sam Vincent? son of Thomas Vincent?”

“that’s not mentioned here”

“maha, the owner of this island was Thomas Vincent. unfortunately he and his wife Parvati Vincent died in the fire accident happened in the mansion. their elder son Sam Vincent is looking after his business.”

“Mahi, what do you think about this mansion? a luxurious mansion hidden in an island?”

“well, that’s because Mr.Thomas and Mrs.parvati had a registered marriage. his father Joseph Vincent want to hide this inter religion marriage from the society. so he built this luxurious mansion.”

“but Mahi, I think there is some thing weird here. do you know the reason for the fire?”

“that’s unknown maha, many claim that it was an accident. but I don’t think so”

“so, there’s an unknown truth hiding here. so, the mystery should be solved, brave girl”

“what solved”

“nothing Mahi, just like that. where is Sam Vincent now?”

“might be in Russia. it is also said that their adopted son yash Vincent too died in the fire.”

“adopted son?”

“yeah, he’s only 7 yrs old”

“that’s so sad Mahi.”

we began to explore the ship. in the basement, there was a room locked. I found something fishy and broke the lock. the room was fully furnished. but at the corner of the room I saw some reddish brown marks on the floor and some splashes on the wall.. I closely inspected that. I m damn sure it was blood. but how come blood in the basement? I then checked the room I found a half burnt paper. it looked like some will. I merely can read the words but I clearly can see the name ‘Anita Vincent’.

who can be Anita Vincent? I said everything to Mahi. I took some samples of the blood stains. so, I guess that there is some connection between this ship and mansion.

was Mr. and Mrs. Vincent death an accident? what is the mystery behind the mansion? who is Anita Vincent?

any guesses guys? 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. thank god mahi iron rod la maha va adikala naan romba bayanthutean nice episode anura dear.

  2. wow..nic episode dear n its not at all stupid story its very interesting….

  3. Hey anu this is amazing dear. U have such a bright future.don’t ever call the story stupid.bcoz itz really amazing.if u call it stupid i will definitely kill u.bcoz i lov this.

  4. OMG thank god it was a dream. Anyways it was interesting carry on….

  5. Hey now I am relieved.. Ur story is gud and interesting… Plz continue….

  6. Hey naughty girl … Nice twist so it was a dream …. Lol
    Hey nothing ma I am just got addicted towards ur story don’t worry ….. Awesome continue … Also all the best for ur exams ….

  7. Nice episode but I want to ask u is this a story……..

  8. I mean to say horror story..

  9. Ur story isnt at all STUPID…ITS MARVRLLOUS…i m gtn attractd towrds it n it seems as i myslf am going wid thm to slv ds mystery…u r really a superb writer….i wish u ALL THE BEST FOR UR FUTURE n as far as i remember u said u r in cls 12 n so m i… so..i m proud of hvn such a talentd classmate…thnks

  10. Amazing episode dear. Very mysterious story.

  11. Awesome episode, lovely mystery. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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