the unknown truth…Episode 3

hey buddies, I think there are more silent readers, hello for you too. well guys, I don’t wanna bore you. here the story……

o man, it started to rain. probably a ghost rain. the navigator said that the boat cannot move further. I saw Mahi. he was calm. he gave me an air bag. I wrapped it around me. suddenly that idiot pushed me into the sea.

me: idiot!!!!! oi !!!!!! I don’t know to swim.
he: then learn it babe.
me: don’t ever call me that.
he: OK babe
me: you’re a complete fool.
he: now, you go to that shore. or else you’ll get sick.

he pushed our bags down. its waterproof bags. then he too jumped with me. he caught my hands and pulled me. so, he was carrying me and our four bags. we reached the shore. the rain is still violent. we searched for a shelter. we couldn’t find any. Mahi murmured that the weather is not mentioned in the case file. then some distance away we found an abandoned ship half burnt. we went into it.

“Mahi, it looks like a lightning hit this ship.”
“whatever maha. we are drenched. take off your clothes.”
“what ?!!! seriously!”

I blinked at him. he smiled at me. he took off his t shirt and showed me a small tattoo in his biceps. i laughed at him. he gave me a serious look and said that I can never feel it.

he: maha! you can never know what a tattoo is!
me: oh really, what if I have a tattoo bigger than this?
he: funny maha. it is hilarious.

I gave him a victorious smile. I turned back and lifted my shirt up showing my back. I too have a tattoo on my back. its an angel with wings holding a red rose.

suddenly. I felt a hand on my back. its Mahi. my nerve got chilled.

“Mahi, what are you doing??”

“admiring my wife”

“take off your hands, its too cold!”

“I thought its hot”

I stared at him. I changed my clothes, and it was a freezing weather. my wet hairs made me worst. my teeth were typing long letters. Mahi too was suffering like me. I took pity on him and thought for a second. though I was hesitant, I had no other go. I sat on his lap and pulled his arms around me. he too was hesitant but he rested his head on my shoulder. we were like this for the whole day. how worst. we drank water and had some food. we cuddled as the weather kept us to be.

the whole day I had a strange feeling that someone is watching us. I too felt someone trying to hold my hands. I don’t know what’s that. may be, my illusion. I slept hugging Mahi tightly..

I heard a strange sound and I decided to check it out. I had a torch in my hand. I came out and I noticed a mark on the path. its something like, an arrow mark. I followed it. after a long walk, I felt something pulling me. I turned back and saw my coat tucked in a thorn bush. I jerked my coat and it teared off. then again I followed the mark and it pointed me to a grave yard. I saw blood gushing out from a pit. I flashed light on it. I saw that. to my horror I saw my photo with my name and a note stating

“its destiny’s game, and the mystery will be solved by you brave girl”

I turned back and I saw Mahi with an evil smile raising an iron rod against me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. omg what mahi is evil pls update one more episode i can’t wait plzzzzzz

  2. ur fabulous dude…i

  3. Arunnnaaaaaaaaa ….. U rrrrr aweeesommeee ddddd ….. Po pa nee enna paithiyam aakura … Super suspense …… Hmm focus on ur studies ….

  4. Wooooowwwwwwwww anu ican’t believe this u r really amazing dear today epi was sooooo goooooooodddddd

  5. Hey it was too gud. Plz update nxt part soon.. I can’t take this suspense… Plzzz update na.

  6. Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….
    He can’t do that plz tell us that he is not going to hit her plz……….. Plz….. update soon ..

  7. What a suspense yaar…lovd d epi…u really knw magic…

  8. Omg…it’s creepyyy…lovely narration. ..keep it up. Love you loads

  9. Superb episode dear.

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