the unknown truth…Episode 2

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part 2.

we reached the port. its about 8 pm. our group members are present there with a confused smile. but I smiled confidently. we had a group hug.

1st guy: hey , be careful. we got the food for your week stay there .
2nd guy: well, behave well kiddos, be serious.
others: remember, its not your honeymoon.

everyone laughed at us and we blushed. we stepped into our boat. the navigator said that we’ll reach at 10 am the next day. we had two heavy bags, one filled with gadgets and the other with foodstuffs and water. and two bags with our clothes.

I arranged our bags while Mahi sat on the couch. he occupied the whole couch. I demanded him to move but he refused. I sat on his lap and lied on his chest.

me: I m sleepy. I want to sleep in this hubby couch.
he: oh really, you can but you should pay tax
me: fine. take it officer
( I hugged him and kissed his beardy cheek )
he: tax paid. you have to renewal it every now and then.
me: if I give you now, what will I give my strict hubby?
he: that’s your wish.

I pulled his moustache and ran to the top of boat.( its a kinda small ship ) . he came after me. he caught me from back and lifted me up in air. and then he started tickling me… god i m going to die of laughter. he hugged me and I tickled him. he pushed me away but I pushed him down and I sat over him. he pulled me and we both were lying down watching the sky hands in hands and giggling.
I don’t remember when we slept.

its fourth month of our marriage.

we never did anything except kissing the cheeks and hugging. our first kiss was on our third month of our marriage.

actually, that day I was playing with mahi’s favorite cup. I just kept in on my head and balanced it. I was doing good until I heard his voice calling me. I lose balance and the cup fell down. Mahi came near me and started his rules, manners and blah blah blah.

to shut his mouth, I just moved close to him and pinned him to the wall. I just went near his ear and said ‘ you are cute when you shout’ and I gently kissed his cheeks. and thats our first kiss.

its morning. I was lying in his chest perpendicular to him. I woke him up. we went to the room. we brushed. we saw the island. we were very close to it.

suddenly the weather changed ferocious as if the destiny doesn’t want us to land there……

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