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An unknown story…swaragini (episode 6)


Hello everyone I know u all r waiting for the precap. So friends Priya loves Dharun and so Dharun but he doesnt because he want Swara to safe and I think u like Mishal and Mounica pairs. So lets go to the story.

Episode 5
In Dharun room
Dharun calls Priya.
Dharun: Hello Priya.
Priya: Yes.
Dharun: Sorry I shouldnt have slapped u I cant able to see Swara like that.
Priya: Its ok I know that Swara is ur first priority I didnt know that Sanskar is so obessesd about Swara that Suji is an idiot I warned her so many times but she is in no mood.
Dharun: Priya I want a favour.
Priya: tell me.
Dharun: call me by my name.
Priya: Oh u want to hear ur name.
Dharun: plz for me.
Priya: Ok Dharun anything.
Dharun: next week Swara is going for a wedding plz acompany her.
Priya: u dont worry Dharun I will manage.
One week passed Sanskar tried to attract Swara towards him but Swara doesnt pay to him but somewhere in her heart she feels for Sanskar. But she ignored it. Time for a drastic change in Swara’s life.

In a mandap
Swara is sitting in the mandap crying. The groom came and sat beside her. Sumi and Priya is also present there and both were crying and looking at the door.
Panditji: both of u stand for pheres.
Swara and the groom stand for pheres.
Groom: Swara r u sure about this marriage.
Swara: I dont know anything I want to meet Dharun and tears roll down her cheeks.
They finished the pheres.
Pandiji: u both r now husband and wife. Fill her mang with sindoor.
The groom about to fill but a hand stops it. Its Dharun he throws the plate and made Swara stand. The groom takes the seher and its Sanskar.
Dharun: how dare u finally u stooped this much and took the advantage of the situation.
Sanskar: Dharun u always misunderstood me I did this in helplessness.
Sumi: Dharun he is saying the truth only its all because of ur papa.
Priya: Han Dharun he is root cause for this.
Dharun: I wont leave him when step in India I swear I will kill him.
Sumi: but Swara is married to Sanskar.
Dharun: What nonsense.
Pandit: Yes beta they took the pheres and see her maang even unstopped a small of sindoor was placed by the groom.
Dharun: No I wont let this happen she is not married that to with Sanskar. And he wipes the sindoor on Swara forhead and took Swara from there. In the whole scene Swara stood there lifeless body without speaking but looking at Sanskar to find an answer for whatever happened in the last four days and left with Dharun and so Sumi and Priya. Sanskar also looked at Swara.


Credit to: Rini

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