An unknown story…swaragini (episode 5)

Iam Jeena.
In todays episode I will add much swasan scenes..
Hope you will like today’s episode.

Episode 5

Sanskar’s cabin
Sanskar :What..
Swara:Do you know about todays speciality..
Sanskar:Today there is nothing special na..
Swara:you idiot…you forgot my birthday..
Sanskar:Oh shit…i forgot.
Swara:i will not talk to you anymore.Iam going.
She was about to go but sanskar holds her hand and said:Oh my can i forget your birthday.
By saying this sanskar takes a basket full of chocolates and kept in front of her..
Swara:How sweet..

Sanskar:Yes its so sweet..
Swara:oh buddu..i said about you..
Sanskar:oh….you compliment me..
Swara:hmmmm..And dont forget about my birthday evening at 5:30.
Sanskar:Did you call everything in the office.
Swara:hmmm..i will.Now stop disturbing me.Let me have it.i
Sanskar:Then you have it..i will come now.

Ragini is going out from laksh’s cabin.Laksh is also following her.
Laksh:Hey…wait there..

Ragini:What do you want now..
Laksh:Be ready for having the worst days of your life.
Sanskar comes.
Sanskar:who are you..
Ragini:I came here for internship.And who are you.
Sanskar:Sanskar Maheswari.
Ragini:so you are this idiot’s brother..
Laksh:Hey mind your words,.
Laksh leaves angrily.
Sanskar:What happened..
Ragini:Hey nothing..And do you know Adithya Malhotra.
Sandka:Ofcourse i know.
Ragini:Iam his daughter.

Sanskar:That’s so great.
Ragini:And papa discussed with laksh about me staying on the top floor of your house.
Sanskar:What..i didn’t knew it..Anyway.. we will be meeting daily at home..right..So friends.
They both shake their hands.
Swara comes..
Swara:sanky..who is it.
Sanskar:This is intern.. And ragini this is best friend.
They both also shake their hands.
Swara:Oh..i is my birthday and there is a party in my should also come.
Ragini:Okay..i will come.
Swara:Address,time and all sanky will say.Now i will invite laksh and come. You both talk.

Ragini:Actually i don’t kow where is your house.I want to arrange my things there. come with me.
Sanky messages swara…”Iam leaving,see you at evening”.
Ragini and sanskar are travelling in his car.He switch on the radio..
Pehli nazar Mein aise jaado kar diyaa..Song plays.
Ragini is looking outside and enjoying the place.
Sanskar is looking at Ragini and smiles.
Episode ends.

Precap:Swara’s birthday party..swaragsanlak.

Sorry for short update.Thanks for reading.

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