An unknown story…swaragini (episode 4)

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Hope you will like today’s episode. Episode 3
Episode 3

Episode 4
Laksh:How dare you come here? FB
Laksh was driving his car.
Ragini was standing on the side of the road nearby her scooty.
There was some stagnant water on the road.
But laksh didn’t noticed it and has driven fastly.
The dirty water sprinkled and fell on Ragini’s dress.
Ragini:You idiot.
But laksh was in a hurry and so he didn’t notice it.
Ragini was fuming in anger.
she starts her scooty and started chasing him.
Then she stopped her scooty in front of his car.
Laksh:Are you mad…what are you doing.
Laksh came out of his car. Ragini:Yoou idiot..look at my dress. dirty is it..but why are you showing it to me.
Ragini:Its all because of you…Now right this moment go and buy new dress for me..
Laksh:how dare you..You dont know to whom you are talking. Ragini:Whoever I dont care..just go and get new dress for me..
Laksh gets angry and holds Ragini’s hand tightly. They starts fighting in the road. Ragini:Help…help..he is trying to misbehave with
All the people starts coming near to them.
Laksh is shocked by her statement. One man:How dare you to misbehave with a girl..that too in public.
Laksh left Ragini’s hand and looked at her.Ragini smiles at him evily.All the people starts scolding him.
Ragini left in her scooty.

FB ends.

Ragini:Are you laksh maheswari..
Ragini:Oh shit..
Laksh:Who are you..
Ragini:Ragini Malhotra.
Laksh:Hey…dont say me that you are Adithya uncle’s daughter.
Ragini:Yes I am..
Laksh:offo…why god..
Adithya Malhotra calls laksh.
Laksh attends the call and put in speaker.
Adithya:Hey laksh..whether she came..
Laksh:Yes uncle she is here..
Adhiya:Haan Ragini he is laksh..You are going to stay on the top floor of his house.
Ragini:No dad..i wont stay in his house..
Adithya:Ragini..try to understand.Its very difficult to get a house there for an unmarried girl.And even if we get ,we cannot trust them.Laksh and his brother sanskar are very good..They will take care of you.please for me..beta.
Laksh:uncle…dont worry ..i will take care of her..
He smiles at her evily.
Episode ends.

How was it..

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