An unknown story…swaragini (episode 3)

You all might forgot me..
Iam Jeena.
In my ff the pairs are swasan and raglak..

Episode 2
Episode 2

Episode 3

David,Laksh’s PA
David:Sir ,some engineering students are coming here for internship..
Laksh:Ya…i know..from FTI college..right?
David:Yes sir..They will come today..
Laksh:who said you..
David:Durgaprasadji.. can go.
David leaves…

Laksh is sitting in his cabin and is doing some works…
Someone enters his office..
Mr Adithya Malhotra and Laksh’s father are close friends..So laksh knows him very well.
Adithya Malhotra:Beta..You might know about some students of FTI college coming here for their internship..
Adithya:Its of how many months..?
Laksh:6 months..But why uncle?
Adithya:Actually my daughter is one of those students..
Laksh:Thats great…
Adithya:But there is one problem..We cannot shift to here..because you know na my whole buissness is in Delhi…
So can you do one favour..
Laksh:Say uncle..
Adithya:Can you find a good place for her to stay..
Laksh:Uncle,its difficult to find a house for an unmarried girl…But I have a suggestion..
Adithya:Say beta..
Laksh:Uncle,in the house where me and sanskar are living..there the top floor is free.We are only using downfloor.So if you dont Mind..then she can live there.
Adithya:Thankyou so much I dont have to worry at all because now,you and sanskar are there to look after her na…
Laksh:Yes uncle…we will take care of her..
Adithya:So beta..
I will inform her about it…bye..
Laksh:Bye uncle..
Adithya leaves.

In this ff,Except Sanskar and Laksh..all the members of Maheswari family is living in Delhi..
Sanlak are in Mumbai..looking after the company..

Internship students comes..
In that a girl:Excuse me..where is Mr Laksh Maheswari..i want to meet him.
David:That one is his cabin.. But for what?
Girl:Just say that Adithya Malhotra’s daughter is waiting outside..
David enters laksh’s cabin.
David:one…Adithya malhotra’s girl is waiting outside.
Laksh:Oh..she came..say her to come in.
Davifd:ok sir..
She enters the cabin..
As he is looking some files she cannot see him..
Both are looking each other angrily.
Episode ends..


Sorry swasan fans..In nxt episode I will add much swasan scenes..

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    that girl is ragini right?

  5. Rafee
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