An unknown story…swaragini (episode 1)

Hii friends…Iam Jeena.
This is the first episode of my ff and i need all your supports.As i said before pairs will be revealed on 14th feb..
Hope you will enjoy my ff.
Episode 1
An office cabin is showing..

There is a boy inside the cabin.He is looking very handsome and cute.He is watching something in a laptop.
Suddenly a girl enters the cabin and he closes the laptop.The girl felt something weird in his behaviour and said:sanky…what’s in the laptop.
(Yeah guys…the boy is none other than our cutee sanskar..)
Sanskar:Nothing shona..
(Shona…that is the girl is our sweetiee swara)
Swara:sanky…i know you very well..You are hiding something from me the lap.
Sanskar :There is nothing in it shona..
swara:you was watching something..right?
sanskar:yes…it was just a movie.
Swara:Really..? Then I also want to watch movie..
sanskar: no…
Swara:why..give the lap to me.
Sanskar is running through the cabin and swara is running behind him.suddenly swara stops running and said:sanky..papa
In that gap,swara takes the lap from sanky..
Swara opens the lap..…..

sanskar keeps his hands on his head.
swara:chii..what the hell is this are watching such kind of movies..chiii..
Sanskar:Actually shona..its not bad to watch such kind of movies..infact it is good..If we watch such kind of movies only we can understand..
sanky understood what he was saying and stops.
Swara:understand..what sanskar.?
Sanskar runs from the cabin.
swara was going to run behind him but stops seeing laksh.
Laksh:Did you complete the programing works.?
Swara:no laksh …one more is remaining..
Laksh:I need it within thirty minutes..
Swara is shocked.
Episode ends..

Precap: In the cabin,swara is having chocolates and sanskar is doing her programming works.

So is the first episode of my ff.?

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  1. Nice…nd precap was too nice.. waiting fr nxt

  2. Very nice episode great beginning

  3. nyc hope its swalak

  4. Very nice!! But make it swasan please….

  5. Wow you made me laugh a loud and please swasan

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