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Sorry guys I have done a very big mistake the continuation of Episode 5 had not been posted by tellyupdates I don’t know y all thanks to Swaragini fan after her question I searched if my story is in continuation so I will give u this part as recap of till now hope u enjoy it.
Episodes 1 to 5 Here
Continuation of Episode 5
After Swara left Dharun called Priya
Dharun: Hello Priya.
Priya: Haan I am sorry plz don’t take tension I warned Suji also she will not to Sanskar.
Dharun: Priya wait take breath I know u will take care of everything and I am sorry.
Priya: Sorry for what.
Dharun: I slapped u know.
Priya: I know u can’t afford anything against Swara I am also at fault na U trusted me and sent her.
Dharun: ok leave all that I need a favour.
Priya: haan bol
Dharun: call me Dharun.
Priya: what No I can’t.
Dharun: why its my name only na.
Priya: Yeah but…
Dharun: plz..
Priya: Ok Dharun.
Dharun: Ok Maa asked Swara to attend my Buaji’s son maariage u know about Sanskar so I want u to acompany her I will talk to aunty.
Priya: its ok Dharun I will manage Maa and I will tc of her and now sleep well Good Night.
Dharun: Good Night and cuts the call.
In Swara room
Swara thinks Bapre this Sanskar uses girls for one night stand chi I thought we write story and create a man like this but he is like a new story for me what will I do I told brave words to Dharun but myself I am worried wait a minute if he is like a story character then I have to tackle him with my stories and she started reading her stories and dozed.
One week passed in this one week Sanskar tried all means to disturb Swara with his thought but she doesn’t pay heed to him andscolded him not to disturb. But somewhere inside her heart and mind Sanskar made impact on her. Soon Swara and Priya got ready to attend her Buaji’sson wedding.
On the day of marriage…..
They show an house fully decorated with flowers and a mandap where Pandit chanting Mantras and burning fire. And there comes Swara with Sumi who is dressed like bride and Sumi made her sit in the mandap. Swara face clearly showed she is crying and tears falls down nonstop. Sumi went and stand beside Priya who is helpless to see her best friend. They were stopped by some guards. Sumi and Priya constantly look at the entrance.
Priya: Dharun where are u plz come fast andtrues calling him.
Bridegroom came and sat beside Swara. His face is not visible as it is covered by seher. Sumi did kanyadaan and A girl tied Ghat Bhand and her face is visible of happiness and she left.
Pandit: both of u stand for pheres. Groom and Swara stated the pheres.
Groom: are u sure Swara about this.
Swara: I don’t know anything I want see Dharun and she cries and both of them stare at the entrance. The pheres got completed and both of them sat down.
Pandit: now tie the holy thread and apply sindoor.
The groom took the magalsutar and looks at Swara who is shocked and he helplessly tied it around her neck. And when he is about to apply the sindoor someone stooped him. Its Dharun he made Swara stand and hugged her. He removed the shere of the groom and its Sanskar.
Sanskar: I have warned u so many times but I didn’t think u will stoop low you used the situation to ur favour how dare u and he slapped him. All are shocked especially the girl who tied the Ghat Bhand. A little came girl came and asked
Girl: Abhinaya di its Sanskar jiju na. Yes the girl name is Abhinaya and she left the place.
Sumi and Priya came and stopped Dharun.
Sumi: he was helpless and tried to stop this but we can’t do anything.
Priya: Dharun its all because of uncle he is the main root cause of this problem.
All tgis while Swara was looking at Sanskar to seek answer for his doing.
Sumi: what we will do now Swara is married.
Dharun: what nonsense.
Pandit: Haan beta he made her wore the mangalsutar and even u stopped him a pinch of sindoor is in her maang see.
Dharun in anger broke the holy thread and thrown it away and wiped the sindoor. Swara didnt speak anything.
Dharun: comeon Swara let’s leave and u Sanskar this is the last warning stay away from Swara and he took Swara from there followed by Sumi and Priya.

Then parts 6 to 13

Credit to: Rini

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