An unknown love story teaser


Hello frnds so today is the last episode of this beautiful love story no ….. no…… unknown love story of Swara and Sanskar. Before that I want your views of last episode.
Swara doesnt know Sanskar but his love and care made her to realize his love. She stood for him every second. Now she is in the situation which is testing her love for Sanskar. But what about Sanskar will he hurt his life for a small matter the girl who changed from a brat to a human who filled it colours of her love tell me dont you have doubt on Sanskar’s calm behaviour when Swara questioned him and Ap slapped him.
Now Answer my questions frnds what do you feel about Sanskar’s calm behaviour.
What will be the reason.

To know it tonight the finale of An unknown love story.
I read all your comments guys I am so happy that you liked this ff and dont worry yaar eventhough I couldnt post my stories I am writing three ff on Swasan Once I finish them I will post them but not now I should first settle down myself but my writing wont go away from me so Tonight wait for your Swasan.

Credit to: Rini

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  1. Don’t know why his behaviour is like that! But I love ur ff! When will u start our sequel of unexpected relation?

  2. I think sanskar is doing prank to test swara’s love
    Or may be he os vry hurt by listening to his jerk friend’s talks …. may be
    I m not sure. ….
    Plz update asap

  3. awesome…..

  4. Waiting for final episode

  5. may be sanskar know that the prblm is with him oly abt child…so he that he is avoiding swara

  6. Waiting for last episode. I think Sanskar knows that the problem is with him about the child. But he should not insult Swara to ignore her.

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