Unknown love story (Shakthi, matsh and kkb) epi-1(Part-1)


As I told u before.. Kkb is from current track.. And other shows are new and fresh track..

Scene-1 kkb

The episode starts with Pragya gets up holding rockstar doll and kisses on it remembering her moments with abhi! Allah warriyan plays.. Sarla comes there and prays to God for her daughter happiness!.. Jhanki comes there and offers coffee! Pragya tells I will fresh up and come.. She leaves.. Sarla tells she is changed diff.. After coming back from abhi house.. She calls dadi.. Abhi comes towards mobile.. Dadi calls him and takes mobile and cuts it.. Abhi asks who is it? Dadi tells nothing.. Abhi takes dadi with him.. Sarla tells this dadi?? ?????

Pragya calls suresh.. He attends the call.. He asks how r u? Pragya tells I am fine.. He asks what is the need for u to call me now? Pragya tells I called u.. Becoz I need a job!.. Suresh laughs and asks u r husband is rockstar.. She tells he was and not.. He asks what RU saying? Pragya tells let us meet in park @5.30 tmr.. He agrees..

Aaliya jumps in joy thinking about her victory.. Purab comes there to meet dadi.. But she takes a leave saying abhi was calling here.. Purab stops her and takes her inside and asks her what is she doing? Why she sent pragya back? Dadi tells my son life is more imp! Purab tells pragya would have told before to abhi.. If u not have interfered. In it.. Dadi gets shocked.. He further tells she is main reason for separation of abhigya.. Dadi stands shocked.. Abhi asks what she did??

Purab tells wedding arrangement.. Abhi asks him will u marry aaliya? Purab gets shocked.. He tells I need some time and leaves with mobile.. Abhi tells aaliya and purab wedding should be grand.. Aaliya smiles.. Tanu calls her.. She cuts the call..

Tanu tells this aaliya is doing overly?? She never attends my call..??.. In the evening.. Pragya comes in normal dress shocking suresh.. He asks what is this? Pragya tells let us walk and speak about it.. Pragya tells him everything while walking and also tells that her mother sold marriage Hall..Suresh tells OK…I asked principal. He told he will get a job!

She thnx him.. He tells no thnx.. Between us.. He takes a leave from there.. Pragya walks on road thinking about abhi. Abhi car lasses by.. Water splashes at her face. He gets down to tell sorry. She sees him and turns aside.. Crying.. He offers kerchief? She takes and runs from there.. He shouts sorry.. But she leaves..

Pragya comes to house and cries.. Holding kerchief.. Sarla asks what is this? Pragya leaves.. Without speaking a word. Purab thinks about abhi words. And tells I won’t marry aaliya or any._____.. I love only bulbul and I will always love her.. Door bell rings.. He opens courier man gives him parcel and leaves.. Purab brings it inside and opens it and gets shocked…The screen freezes with his tensed face..

Part-2 intro of shakthi and matsh.. That I will update tmr.. Becoz I have less time.. How is this? For 8 epi. Kkb will be one part and matsh &shakthi will be second part.. I will update as two parts. For one epi.. ??.. After that I will combine..

Bye guys take care.. Hope u all liked t.. Pls leave u r comments below..

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  5. please try to unite abhigya

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