My unknown love story by Naagin part 9

Hiii guys Naagin here ? thanks for ur comments and love hope u like it
suddenly yuvi said that Ragu is his first and last love ( every one started laughing including ragu but except our jealousy lucky ) because lucky can see the love in his eyes . So everyone went for sleeping except yuvi he is sits in a place where ragu sits and took the glass which is drunk by ragu and he kissed it and said i love u doll u are my only Queen in the world . Who was the hell Laksh coming in between us u are only mine Always will be mibe forever i love u doll he said and went but a pair if eyes watching it .

Ragini ‘ s room
She is using phone and she slept using it itself someone came to her room and saw how she is sleeping . He took her mobile from her hand and it asked password he try to unlock but in vain then he put lucky its unlocked he was shocked to see that then he looked at ragu and smiled then he went to gallery and saw her pics she is cute in all pics he send all pics to his mobile and starred lovingly and saw ragu she slightly opened her eyes he went down the bed she got up and went and drink the water from the small fridge Kept in her room and while drinking she pored everything in her shirt and she said wat the hell i want to change my shirt . And she went near cupboard and opened and saw the black shirt and took it and put it on the bed and she removed her shirt and put the black shirt . Lake who is hiding below the bed was Seeing everything without even closing his eyes for a second and looking with a mouth opened . She went for sleeping and saw the mirror which showed that lucky is here she was in anger .

And started to talk about yuvi . Ohhh my yuvi u are my only love u know that Laksh is one stupid ……..blabla . He came out and make her mouth shut and went near her making her Fully lied on bed Laksh said how dare u say him your love chi u should not tell that again if u say i will kill him and throw in any lake u understand . A cute eyelock are shared . Now she pushed him down and said u idiot how dare u can come my room and also now u are warning me if i change my dress then wat will happen suddenly she stopped and she kept her hand on her mouth and she looked Laksh who was already smirked at her She said how dare u idiot and went and beat him nicely and scolding him he catches her hand and suddenly he pushed her on to the bed and kissed her in cheeks and said u are cute while scolding she blushes and said y u came here and u saw when i changed Laksh said no yaar really no i closed my eyes u know really . She smiled and said good thats gud . Laksh is laughing inside and said innocent Dolly . Laksh asked u have very cute mole u know . Ragu said ya i know it is there from childhood u know suddenly she stopped and said u again a idiot i wil kill u stupid blo*dy suddenly she falls he cared her by his arms

Song plays
Manasula pungatru nee pakum desiyil vesum podhu namakunu oru desam adhil iruvarum sendhu onna vazhvom kananal ……….. ??????????????

hope u like Naagin and her ff

?????? take care guys

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  1. Akshitha

    Awww cuteee…naughty lucky??

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    Oh my god you make me blush in every update ?love laksh

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    very nice

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    Thanks guys ??

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    awesome dear….ohh our naughty laksh…loved it alot dear….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…


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  11. Interesting episode and loved Raglak scenes

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