My unknown love story by Naagin part 8

Hiiiiiii guys i am haapy for my friend amul she is writing a new ff . Now here i am starting my part 8 hope u like it

Here he stares her lovingly suddenly he broke the eye lock by seeing the alphabet R in yuvi shirt how dare he i will surely kill him ?????? yuvi asked some water to krishaya she went to kitchen to take water that time Manik to went
In kitchen
while she took the water bottle she saw the cockroach there she was screaming and went and hugged Manik she said pls Manik send it out i hate it pls pls he smirked and said but one condition . Krishaya asked wat condition say it i will do . Manik said one kiss pls . Wat in this situation u need it u blo*dy stupid everyone came there and saw them suddenly the broke thr hug and she Still scream . Ragini went near the cockroach and took it by her hand and showed it to everyone and laughed. Krishna scold her to throw but she showed suddenly Laksh stood up in table and said her to throw ( Laksh hates cockroach ) ragu went near laksh and asked u need it na have it she throwed on him and laughed nicely in his irritation he went and hugged ragini . Ragini too laughed and said still u are scary on cockroach ?????? from childhood doing the same yaar ????? ( every one shocked by her statement ) yuvi came there and removed Laksh from ragu and said move he suddenly hugs yuvi and said him to throw the cockroach every one is laughing

After 2 minutes
everyone sitting in garden
yuvi : y u are still like a kid fear of cockroach ????
Laksh : no i hate it thats all
Manik asked shall we play truth or dare
every one agreed
Krishaya said for every one same question their first love okay
now bottle rotated it stops with Manik
Manik pov
i am going to die
Krishaya asked him truth or dare he said truth
He said Nandhini by closing his eyes and opened and saw krishaya its okay Manik don’t be afraid ???? he hugs her and said he loves her
Now bottle on Laksh side yuvi asked truth or dare Always truth said vy Laksh by seeing ragini she was shocked and closed her eyes but he said sube my first love ragini shocked and also angry on that *** hell name . Yuvi asked sube ohhhh puppy love ahhh abhi Laksh said yes
now it rotated and it was Ragu she said dare yuvi shocked to hear the dare . Okay i will say the dare u should propose any one here out of 3
She said okay and went near Laksh but turned to yuvi and asked him I love u yuvi from my Heart i will never miss u in my life i want u at any coat if u say no means i will make u love me and kidnap u and go and marry u i love laksh i will never leave u she said and saw yuvi ( yuvi is in cloud but was angry in the name laksh ) Laksh is laughing by hearing Laksh name ( every one shocked by the name Laksh ) but yuvi said i love u too doll u are my life i will never let u go any where .????? suddenly clapping sound and now yuvi turn he said truth and said Ragini kumar my first love and my last love ?????????
Song plays
Munbe va yen anbe va pove va……. ??????????????????

stay tuned for ragu answer ????????

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